Danish- & Swedish Champion
Fallohide Lady in Pink Tights
2.11.1985 - 20.02.2002 - DKK 02038/86 - S01001/87 - Owners Marianne & Lennart Bengtsson
Fallohide the Extra-Terrestrial x Fallohide Lady Fallon
Progeny 1987 - 2008 - Highlights for Pinky's progeny

Pinky left with Kwilu at right

Almost from the day Pinky was born, it was decided she was to move to Sweden. However in those days all imports needed to be quarantined for a period of four months. As I did not want to send a young basenji, it was agreed  with the new owners that Pinky stayed in Denmark until she was 16 months. During this time Pinky was shown several times and won 3 Danish CCs. Lennart and Marianne visited the shows as often as possible before Pinky finally went into quarantine kennels in Stockholm where she stayed the required period. Soon after Pinky began her Swedish show career and was soon Swedish Champion and with her 3 Danish CCs also Danish Champion

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Some of Pinky's Danish Showresults

9. August 1986 
DKK International, Otterup
Breed judge Hans Lethinen, Finland
Pinky was entered in Youthclass and won her 1. CAC 
& later in the day went
Reserve Best Brace in Show with Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader

12. October 1986 
All Breed National Dog Show, Hillerød
Breed judge Marlo Hjernquist, Sweden
Pinky was entered in Youthclass and won her 2. CAC 

8. November 1986
DKK International, Herning
Judge K. S. Wilberg, Norway
 Pinky won her 3rd CAC and was Best of breed - Pinky never won a CACIB because she was too young

Pinky's Swedish Showresults

12. July1987 
Hälsingborg National 
Judge Brithe Larsen Roswall
Pinky won her first Swedish CAC and was BOS

9. August 1987 
Rönneby International
Judge Boo Lundström
Pinky won her second Swedish CAC and was Best of breed

12. September 1987
 Sofiaro International 
Pinky was Best of breed, NEW Swedish- & Danish Champion

One of Pinky's last shows was in Veteran class in 1995 before she retired from the showring

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