Danish-, Luxembourg- & International Champion 
World Champion, Amsterdam- & Copenhagen Winner 1985
Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader
10. November 1983 + 5. January 1994 - DKK 02130/84
Akuaba´s Vader Ryderwood x Fallohide Lady Victory


Best Spitz - 1984 
Danish Kennel Club with 55 points

Dog of the Year #10 All Breeds - 1984 
Danish Kennel Club with 55 points

Gold Dog of the Year #5 - 1984
The Danish Spitz Club with 19 points

Best Spitz - 1985
Danish Kennel Club with 60 points

Dog of the Year #5 All Breeds - 1985
Danish Kennel Club with 60 points

Gold Dog of the Year - 1985
The Danish Spitz Club with 32 points

Reserve Best Spitz - 1986 
Danish Kennel Club with 25 points

11. August 1984 - DKK Int., Otterup

Best in Show 3 at the age of 9 months and 1 day! 
A record not yet beaten anywhere to my knowledge

Fancy´s progeny

Fallohide Legacy of Phuma
The Lady Wright

DKK 03501/87  
DKK 03502/87 
DKK 03503/87

red/white male
red/white female
red/white female

DK- &IntCh

Breeder: Pia Wright
Sire: Azenda Phuma of Fallohide 
Dam: Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader
Born: 16.11.1986

Owner of Phuma: H. Jørgensen
Owner of Revolverlady: E. Mortensen

Fancy´s  impressive show record

Tina and Fancy

1 x Reserve Best Baby in Show 
15.4.1984 - National Show, Roskilde

1 x Best Puppy in Show  
16.6.1984 - DKK Int., Brøndby 
Judge Rainer Vourinen, who already at this show could see Fancy's potentials, wrote:
 "Det er den alletiders smukkeste krop jeg har set, strålende hals, hovedet meget feminint, smukt næseparti, ønser at hun får lidt mere bredde i skallen, hun har meget smukke mandelformede øjne, korrekt svans, lave hassser, meget smukke bevægelser. Der er helt sikkert, at hun kommer til at klare sig meget bra på udstillingerne"

"She has the most beautiful body I have ever seen, fantastic neck, head very feminine, beautiful muzzle, could wish she gets a bit more width in scull, she has beautiful shaped eyes, correct tail, lowset hocks, very beautiful movements. It is absolutely sure, she will do well at future shows"

4 x Best Youngster in Show
02.09.1984 - National Show, Silkeborg
08.12.1984 - SPK National Show, Middelfart
03.02.1985 - National Show, Kalundborg
21.10.1984 - National Show, Hillerød

05.08.1984 - Limit show, Gilleleje
03.02.1985 - National Show, Kalundborg
18.05.1985 -  National Show, Aalborg

1 x
Reserve Best in Show
30.11.1985 - SPK Show, Middelfart

3 x Best in Show 3
11.8.1984 - DKK Int., Otterup
17. 8.1985 - DKK Int., Otterup
September 1985 - DKK Int., Hillerød

2 x Best in Show 4
17.11.1984 - DKK Int., Herning
14.09.1986 - DKK Int., Hillerød

11 x Best in Group
05.08.1984 - Limit show, Gilleleje
11.8.1984 - DKK Int., Otterup
17.11.1984 - DKK Int., Herning
03.02.1985 - National Show, Kalundborg
18. 05.1985 -  National Show, Aalborg
17. 08. 1985 - DKK Int., Otterup
...09.1985 - DKK Int., Hillerød
21. 09. 1985 - DKK Int., Brøndby 
03.11.1985 - DKK Int., Herning & BIS 8
30.11.1985 - SPK Show, Middelfart
14.09.1986 - DKK Int., Hillerød

1 x Reserve Best in Group
21.10.1984 - National Show, Hillerød

1 x Best in Group 3
21. 09.1985 - DKK Int., Brøndby

2 x Best Brace in show
1985 - DKK Int., Hillerød 

Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader & Fallohide the Extra Terrestrial
and as the first basenji brace in Denmark to win this placing
3.11.1985 - DKK Int., Herning 
Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader & Fallohide the Extra Terrestrial

1 x Reserve Best Brace in show
1986 - Otterup Int., Hillerød 
Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader & Fallohide Lady in Pink Tights

1 x Best Brace 3 in show
1986 - DKK Int., Brøndby
Fallohide Fancy Lady of Vader & Fallohide the Extra Terrestrial

 Best of Breed with no group placing
1986 - DKK Int., Herning 

 2 x Best Spitz in Group A - Danish Kennel Club
1 x Gold Dog - Danish Spitz Club
1 x World Champion 1985
1 x Amsterdam Winner 1985 
1 x Luxembourg Champion
1 x Copenhagen Winner

Fancy retired from the showring and lived with Mr. Helge Møller in Copenhagen until 
she suddenly died at the age of 9

Fancy is buried in one of the few cemeteries for animals in

Fancy's littersister and brothers were
Fallohide Lady Frosty Vixie,  Sir Fula Future,  Sir Fula Falcon and Lady Fallon

"Although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.

So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart."

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Music: Candle in the Wind