Oliverīs progeny with Faraoland Tilly Trotter
Breeder From PBīs, Denmark 

Danish Champion, Copenhagen Winner 2005 & DKK racevinder (breed-winner) 2005  
From PBīs El Diabolo 

Owner breeder
DKK Int.- & Copenhagen Winners show, Ballerup held 18. September 2004 Diabolo was BEST IN SHOW PUPPY as the first brindle basenji male in Denmark -
halfbrother Eiwo Hanacek set the same record last year in Hungary

5. April 2005 - Diabolo has been x-rayd and is A/HD and 0/AA
7. April eyetests for PPM and PPR/Free
Swedish Basenji Specialty, held 2. July - Diaobolo was Reserve best male in show & won the Swedish Basenji Club award for Best brindle in show
 Copenhagen Winners Show, Denmark held 18. September, Diabolo was Copenhagen Winner 2005 with his first CACIB & BIG 2
SPK National, Bredsten, held 1. October, Diabolo was BIS 2
SPK National, Knapstrup, held 29. October, Diabolo got a 2. price 
Herning International, held 5. November, Diabolo won his 3rd CAC & 2nd CACIB and was BOS & NEW Danish Champion
Swedish Basenji Specialty, held 5. August 2006 - Diabolo got a 2.

Diabolo has mated Vicitas Fanta Excotic, who is a grgrgranddaughter to our Fallohide Canduīs Blaque Legacy - 6 pups b 11.12. 2005 - breederAina Fongen, Basenjis4Real
Aisha Av Basenjis4Real,  Bakari, , Rex Shiraa, Rocky, Sheala & Tiger Av Basenjis4Real  -
all brindle
Norwegian Basenji Specialty held 4. June 2007 - Rex Shiraa  was entered in Open class males & placed 4th winner with CK 
 & Sheala was entered in Youth class females & was placed 1. winner with CK & 2. Best female
Moss og Omegn Hundeklubb held 28 July 2007- Rex Shiraa AV Basenji4Real was entered in Youthclass males & 1. winner, 3rd best male with CK   
 & Sheala was entered in Youth class females & was placed 1. winner, 4. best female with CK

Norwegian Basenji Specialty held 30. May 2008 

Res Shiraa Av Basenjis 4 Real - BEST IN SHOW & New Norwegian Ch

Diabolo has mated Safaga Out of Africa, who is  a grgrgranddaughter to our Fallohide Canduīs Blaque Legacy - 4 pups (3/1) born 08.01.2006 - all brindle - breeder kennel Out of Africa & raised at kennel  Les Neiges Bleues DīEuzkadi, France, where Safaga Out of Africa lives (or lived) Kennel Les Nieges Bleues DīDuzkadi has no more basenjis as of 2007
Beatles Out of Africa & Blue Moon Out of Africa & Boukhis Out Of Africa

 French Basenji club Specialty held 14. October 2006 - Beatles Out Of Africa was Best Youngster and BOS
Beatles Out Of Africa moved to Norway
 Letohallen National show, Norway held 30. September 2007 - Beatles won his first CAC
 KongsvingerInternational, Norway held 7. October 2007 - Beatles won his second CAC
Hamar International, Norway held 24. November 2007 - Polo received a 2. 
Bø i Telemark International, Norway held 24. February 2008 - Beatles won his 3rd CAC and became Norwegian Champion
Beatles returned to France after becomine Norwegian Champion and sired several litters in France and Germany 2011 & 2012
29. August 2011 - Beatles is free for eyes deseases, HD A & probably clear/normal for fanconi syndrome

Norwegian Basenji Specialty held 30. May 2008 

Photo Liv Nyfløt
Beatles won the Norwegian Basenji club award for
Best brindle in Show, as did his sire at the Swedish Specialty in 2005

Diabolo has mated Skyewalkerīs Storm of Whitney - 5 pups (2/3) born 27.11.2006 - all brindle - breeder From PBīs , DK
From Pb's Figo, Figaro, Ferdinand,  Frække Frida  & From Pb's Flying Beauty  

From PBīs Elvira (Milia)

Photo with permission of owner
 Owner kennel Basenjis from the Headwaters, Holland
Championship clubmatch of the Dutch Basenji Club, Holland, held 18. September 2004 Milla  won Best female puppy in show
Amsterdam Winners Show, Holland held 27. November 2004, Milia became Youth Amsterdam Winner '04 & qualified for CRUFTS 06
Luxemburg International, Luxemburg, held 27. March 2005, Milia gained the title of Youth Luxembourg Champion and qualified for CRUFTS 06
Europasiegerschau Dortmund, Germany, held 7. May, 2005 Milia was entered in Youthclass and placed 2. with R-CAC
Basenji clubmatch , NL, held 11. September, 2005 Milla was entered in Youthclass and placed 2. 

From PB's Elivra had a litter sired by Daka Binti from the Headwaters - 5 pups born 30.12.2006 - breeder kennel from the Headwaters
Fanikio from the Headwaters (/r/w male), Fahari Daka (brindle m), Finya (brindle m), Fataiisha (brindle female) &  Finyo la uso  from the Headwaters (brindle female)


From PBīs Elinora (Ellen)

Photo with permission of the owners
Owners kennel Suntribe, kennel Faraoland & Mia Hjelm, Sweden
Skara National,  held 7. May 2005 , Ellen got a 2. prize Youth class
Vänersborg Int.,  held 12. June, Ellen was placed 4th best female
Swedish Basenji Specialty, held 2. July, Ellen was 3. best in Youth class
Norrköping Int., held 13. August, Ellen got a 2. prize in Open class
Ocotober 2005 - rehomed to Mia Hjelm, Vallentuna

Swedish Basenji Specialty, held 5. August 2006  - Ellen received a 1. in Open Class  & awarded best brindle in show 
Swedish Basenji Specialty, held 7. July 2007  - Ellen received a 1. in Open Class 

Ellenīs health status:
Ögon - UA
HD - C - October 2005
DNA Fanconi marker test November 2007 - probably carrier - ODA # BJ-FAC642/44F-NOPI


From PB's Evita

Evita did very well at shows as a youngster, however turned out she had not so good a bite, which was a pity and the owner rehomed her to
 Otto Muus, Stege from 2007
5. April  2005 - Evita has been x-raid and is A/HD and 0/AA


From PBīs Eponine Smilla

Photo by owner Orm Bossemeier


The last male in the litter is named From PBīs El Torro, also brindle


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