Things basenjis do ...
and how they behave as well as their likes and dislikes
I have made these sites/pages with photos found here and there - I only know a few of the basenjis, however if you
are uncomfortable with your photo being shown here, please let me know - otherwise, enjoy our breed and what they do

Basenjis are "clowns" in the kindest sense of the word - they amuse you, and expect you to amuse them ... they can be naughty and nice, they are good at reading bodylanguage - they own you, not vica versa - they are clever -  they are that and much more - I love basenjis

There are 6 pages of photos with the likes and dislikes of Basenjis and there are probably many more situations to add, so please
if you have photos you would like to share, this would be much appreciated

Basenjis have eyes that don't look at you but through you, the lack of ability to understand any part of 'no', but the ability to throw a hissy fit any two year old would be proud of - description by a basenji breeder :-))

I also have several pages with
Favorite Basenji photos

Basenjis are known to find the strangest places to sleep as well as sleep in strange positions (II)
Basenjis are also know for their strange sitting arrangements - or just relaxing
Basenjis are not keen on water - they like digging, though (4)

Likes and dislikes (5)
UnderCover (6)

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Basenji greetings ...


They begin at an early age




Doing a cangaru jump ...

Just being silly

Basenjis love to tease, both humans and other animals - mostly not in an aggressive way, even though they can look frightening

Catch me if you can ...

Kong Fu Basenjis

see, no boxing gloves ...

Rolling around ....

Racing, lurecoursing, obedience and agility has become favorite sports for basenjis
and their owners - also biking, Heal-to-Music & skating, just to mention a few ...
Enjoy the photos,
although I have yet to find a photo with basenjis and their humans skating and Heal-to-Music

fashion advice durint coursing, as the muzzle is not quite where it should be .......

Coursing can be quite dangerous - look at the muzzle and foreleg - could have ended in a serious accident, however this basenji was helped
- you can never take your eyes off a basenji .....

...  some basenjis love to swim, others dispise it

hiking ..... includes crossing a stream

Camping - I really like this photo ....

Basenjis love lying in the Sun, in front of a fireplace, a heater or in the window

Basenjis sunbathing

By the heater and fireplace


The closer to the fireplace the better

Might as well get the pillow out for your basenji and as close as possible to the fireplace - looks cosy, yes ?

ahhh, you can see how much this basenji enjoys the moment

If you do not have a fireplace, a heater will do nicely

- or a radiator - anything/anyplace for some warmth ...

like here - on a warm kitchen floor .......

by the old AGA



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