The Basenji is one of the greatest,

 yet most frustrating, companions known to Man. This is a breed which requires patience, persistence and someone who has a healthy (more like slightly "skewed") sense of humor. Basenjis are not for everyone and it's best that you learn as much as you can before bringing one home. Don't let that cute little wrinkled face fool you. There is a high level of intelligence just waiting to reveal itself in some most unexpected ways.

We have been owned by this unique little breed called Basenji for twenty nine years! Companion and conformation, from couch to AKC showring our dogs are first and foremost lifetime companions.

We presently have young adults available to pet homes only. All adult pets are neutered/spayed before leaving for their new home. Please do consider a young adult or older dog for your first Basenji. Our foundation bitch was five years old when she came to live with us - she moved right in as if she had been born at our home. We lost her at age fifteen. Many people believe that only puppies will "bond" with their new family. When the match is correct, that bonding will occur no matter what age. Our dogs, as noted above, are companions first and foremost whether a pet or a finished champion.

If you are looking only for a puppy and we do not have any we will be happy to refer you to reputable breeders who do!

We enjoy breeder/owner-handling our dogs. We treat the activity of dog showing as strictly a serious hobby. With the present health concerns, along with breeding for good temperaments and quality, our main concern is the breed itself with dog showing as a way to enjoy an activity with our dogs.

NOTE: We do not sell to breeding operations/kennels.

Member of the Basenji Club of America for twenty seven years. We highly recommend you visit the BCOA website for more information. This site is full of valuable information regarding health issues within our breed. We invite you to contact us for more information or links to sites to help further your education about this breed. Please ask when contacting a breeder, about the health testing of their dogs. Also the health behind their dogs within the pedigree. This is a lifetime committment and a lifetime friendship.

Jane Williams, Candu kennel, USA