Show outfits
Showing dogs is more than entering a ring - there is a lot of preparation mostly with your
dog but also with yourself and the clothes you choose to wear - Here are some photos I have borrowed and have no idea
who the owner, handler or dog is - however if you are not happy that one of the photos is of your dog, let me know ...
Remember the comments are mine and mine alone given from a lifetime of showing, hoping someone may pick up a
few tips or two and for the better .... :-)

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -
Let us begin with fingernails

let's face it - not an everyday thing ... cute idea though ...

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -

Moving on to outfits for handlers
both good and bad - you decide

Takes all kinds I guess ...

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -

The handler's outfit matches well this breed, nice combination

Here is an outfit I really think is nice and thought through ....

Nice looking basenjis - a pity the handlers have white shirts on, as it makes it difficult to see the dogs neckline

Jacket matching the dog and topline shown due to dark background

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -

 An eyecatching outfit - a pity the slacks are same color as the dog shown

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -

This handler is known to always wear green shoes, hence the nickname: Mr Green shoes

- - - - - show outfits - - - - -

Pink is also a nice color - just remember the skirt can be higher than the dog's topline and distract the judge
(I was told this at a show !)

Very appropriate outfit when coming from Scotland and showing at Crufts - nice ...

This group is class very classy

And here the winners were confident and wore red sweaters to match their rosette !  

Nice in colors complementing dog and handler ....

... also nice outfit -

Perfect harmony in colors - note the flat shoes

Also good harmony

Perfect: light dog & handler in dark dress

Difficult to see the dog's topline when the handler is wearing black to a black/tan dog .... pity really

The youngsters know how to dress :-)

This lovely dog looks spooked by the handlers sweater flying around

very nice indeed .... at least eye catching

Very impressive - just would have liked the handlers to have worn colors to match the dogs

Moving on to styling and coloring hair (handlers)

 Haircolor matching the dog more or less

Things can get extreme at times as here with hair and texture matching the dogs ...

 Hair color matching the dachhounds - very chique

 Notice the handler's matching colors in outfit and hair to this unusual colored tibetian terrier

Moving on to candid photos of exhibitors

If you show a small breed, I doubt is a good idea to wear a highsplit skirt ... however, if you do,
be careful when bending over ....  :-)

... ladies be aware when bending over ... someone is always watching and or taking photos !

Need I say more ....

Moving on to the last issue: being overdressed

Judges can wear different clothes, however the outfit this ring secretary is wearing must be a Winner !

It is ok to be elegant as long as it is not overdone ...............  

The handler is having problems walking in her high heals and forgetting it is about the dog - remember to focus on the dog

I could go on and on with outfits vica dogs, however the above are the ones I have chosen to show, keeping in mind
it is the dog that should be in the frontline - have a good time at the dogshows all the same