26. June 2010
Photos from the WDS held Herning, Denmark
By Christiane Köhler 
Judge Annette Bystrup 

Puppyclass male

Ankh-Anubis Temple of Sachmet at left and at right, Best Puppy, Antefa's Ukuleleh
In Puppyclass female was entered and shown Birkhall Bahiti Bjerna

Juniorclass males

1. & JWW 2010 Sharqiya American All The Way at left,  2. Antefa's Tutankhamun, 3. Iten Lazaward El Kab & 4. Farao Anubus Crusader

Intermediateclass male

1. Faouziah's Faramir

Championclass males

1. WW & Best of Breed, Reedly Road Deep Blue
at left, 2. Antefa's Nimrod, 3. Agraii-Esik of the Netherland & 4. Antefa's Q-Lahn

Openclass males

1. Siphra's Pied Piper, 2. Reedly Road Beefeater, 3. Siphra's Razamanatz, 4. Reedly Road Evergreen

Championclass females

1. WW & BOS, Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa, 2. XO Seqiun, 3. Enigma Surprise Me, 4. Habiba

Juniorclass females

1. & JWW 2010 Mesmerizing Made in Heaven, 2. Antefa's Thebe, 3. Sharqiya American Show Stopper, 4. Enigma Quick Step

Openclass females

1. Siphra's Love of Freedom, 2. Faouziah's Eowin, 3. Siphar's Through It All, 4. Sawhorse's Just Shoot Me
(not in photo)

Veteranclass female

1. & VWW Faouziah's Bastet, 2. Farao Anubis Nemesis Divina

Best of Breed and BOS

Reedly Road Deep Blue - Best of breed and Chassellis Dehra Ta'Ziffa, BOS