Pharaoh hounds

The Pharaoh Hound is one of the oldest breeds
They were prized companions of Egyptian royalty; commemorated in their art, mummified and entombed with honor and, some believe, incorporated into the Egyptian pantheon as Anubis, god
of embalming and conductor of souls to the underworld

The Phoenicians are believed to have introduced the Pharaoh Hound to Malta centuries ago where they have been prized as hunters and preserved in virtually the same form as the
ancient dog of the Pharaohs. Keen hunters, they are kept in walled yards and taken out to hunt because, if allowed complete freedom, there would soon be no rabbits left on Malta. The Pharaoh Hound
remains the same dog brought by the Phoenicians partly because of geographic isolation. They are the same dog depicted in tomb paintings of ancient Egypt

The Pharaoh Hound’s name in Maltese, Kelb-tal Fenek, means “rabbit hound,” and the Maltese have long used the Pharaoh Hound in tandem with falcons to hunt rabbit. The Pharaoh Hound's
agility and hunting ability have made it a perennial favorite among Maltese farmers for thousands of years.

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  History of the Maltese National Canine Federation

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An ancient breed from an Ancient Land

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The story of the hunt

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More about the pharaoh hound

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More about the pharaoh hound - part II

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Malta's National Dog

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World Winner Pharaoh hounds from 1977 

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 Copenhagen Winners

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Link to lots of oldies (photos) in USA

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Early 1960´s
Mrs. Pauline Block, kennel Twinley, lived at one time in Malta and it was due to Mrs. Block's fascination with the beauty and elegance of the breed that
they were imported into the UK and given the name of the "Pharaoh Hound".

The first Pharaoh Hound was introduced to the United States by Mrs. Ruth Taft-Harper 

The first Pharaoh Hound in Scandinavia was imported from England to Sweden 
Merymut Nepthys
(GB Ch. Kilcroney Rekhmire Merymutex Kilcroney Nerfertare Merymut) - Breeder kennel Merymut - Owner Anja Jansson

The first pharaoh hounds imported to Denmark - and all Danish pharaohhounds

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My first pharaoh hound was a female, Princewood Athena, bred and born in England
 After my return to Denmark I bought a pharaoh hound
male, Tutankhamon, bred by HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark 

Tutankhamon at left as a puppy and at right as an adult - he was a beautiful and powerful dog 
Tutankhamon was a wonderful dog, who sired several litters and founded many kennels - Tutankhamon's finest placement was at
 the World Dog Show in Denmark in 1977

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What is a Fallohide
Where and when I got the name for my kennel

Tutankhamon, Sabah, Cassey & Pia - Farum Sø 1978
Photo Jørgen Gløet

Kennel Fallohide Pharaoh hounds 

Breeder- & Progeny Classes
First time shown in 1980

National & International Champions

Favorite pharaoh hound photos

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The first pharaoh hounds from 1960´s and Malta 

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