The name of my kennel
(Established 1972)
is from J. R. Token's book "Lord of the Rings"

A story of the Great War of the Ring and included 
many glimpses of the yet more ancient history that preceded it, namely "The Hobbit" 

The FALLOHIDEs, a Northern branch of the hobbits and the least numerous, were often found as leaders or chieftains as they are more bolder and adventurous than the others. 

FALLOHIDEs settled mostly near forest and trees and because of that, they had a better knowledge of elves than the other two branches of hobbits, namely the Stoors and Harfoots.

Frodo Baggins:
Aliases: The Ringbearer
Date of Birth: Sept 22, 2968 T.A.
Race: Hobbit (Harfoot.Fallohide)
Height: 3-4 feet
Date of Death: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Parents: Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck
Spouse: None
Date of Marriage: N/A
Children: none

Physical description: As hobbits go, Frodo was of medium height, with thick brown curly hair. He was not as fat as most hobbits. The Fallohide in him made him lighter skinned then a full-blooded Harfoot.

Biography: Frodo was the only son of Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck. His parents both died in the year 2980, so his cousin Bilbo Baggins, the wealthy bachelor, adopted him. Upon Frodo's coming of age, Bilbo parted from the Shire, and left nearly all of his worldly belongings, including Bag End, to Frodo. In 3018, Frodo travelled to Rivendell under the name Mr. Underhill to escape pursuit of Sauron's forces. Along the way he received a near deadly blow from a Morgul knife dealt by a Nazgul. In Rivendell, he volunteered to destroy the Ring in Mordor. 8 companions were chosen to accompany him on his quest. He had many heroic adventures with and without the Fellowship before he finally reached The Cracks of Doom, where at the moment of truth, he claimed the Ring for himself. Shortly thereafter Gollum, who during a fight for the Ring, bit off Frodo’s finger, and fell himself into the fire, overtook him. After the War of the Ring, Frodo was, for a while, mayor of Michel Delving. But constantly feeling dejected and unfulfilled, sailed over the sea with Gandalf and Bilbo.

Charting the Shire lines

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