More about the pharaoh hound -  part II

The red, long-tailed dog goes at night into the stalls of the hills. He makes no delay in hunting, his like a God and he delights to do his work.

The above description of the Pharaoh Hound is a hunting account that was taken from the XIX Egyptian dynasty. Even to this day, Pharaoh can literally blush, which results from its nose and ears flushing with blood and creating a light glow when the dog gets excited.

Various are claimed to be ancient by dog enthusiasts. Some of them are speculated, but experts are confident that the Pharaoh Hound is one ancient breed that can be confirmed and has changed very little over the past 2000 3000 years. This dog looks strikingly similar to the jackal god Anubis, other dogs that were depicted on tombs of ancient pharaohs, as well as dogs portrayed in ancient artwork by the .

It is said that Phoenician traders brought Pharaoh from North Africa and Greece to the Malta islands, and then to the Gozo islands, where they became secluded from the world.

Pharaoh flourished on these islands and were used as . At night, several were released to track down rabbits and would then bark loudly when one was found going into its hole. A belled ferret would that be released in order to go after the rabbit so that the Pharaoh Hound could finish the job of catching the animal.

Pharaoh were imported to England sometime during the 1960s. Soon after, America received the breed and the AKC officially recognized the Pharaoh Hound in 1983.

Pharaoh Hounds make a wonderful addition to any home. This dog loves to chase and hunt but will remain calm and relaxed when indoors. It is gentle, loving, and a bit on the sensitive side. Pharaoh Hounds are great with children and other dogs, but are prone to chase small animals when outside. When strangers approach, most Pharaoh are quite reserved. And as mentioned earlier, this breed of dog can literally blush in the face when excited.

Taking Care Of Your Pharaoh Hound
Although this dog can get its physical requirements taken care of by a long walk on the leash or the occasional jog, it is most happy when given the opportunity to run long distances or sprint dashes through an open field.

Pharaoh Hounds should not be expected to sleep outdoors and must rest comfortably by given a warm, soft bed. Grooming maintenance is low, with only the occasional brushing once per week to remove any dead hair.

Health Information
The Pharaoh Hound dog breed is considered to be one of the healthiest dogs recognized by the AKC. Because of their pure bloodline, there are absolutely no major health concerns or minor health issues to worry about. Healthy Pharaoh Hounds can have a lifespan of anywhere between 10 and 15 years.