Mickeys showresults

3. December 2006
DKK kreds 11, Christmas limit show, Blåhøj
Judge Wenche Enger, Norway (kennel Vicita´s)
It was with great anticipation I showed Mickey for Mrs. Enger, as she is a wellknown Norwegian basenji breeder and I was pleased with her critique for Mickey:

" Meget godt hoved. God snude. God farve på øjnene. Godt stilte øren. Meget god hals. God overlinie. Kort krop. Bra ansat hale med hylde. Godt forbryst. God benstamme, ønskes lidten aning mere vinklet bag. Gode poter. Meget god bevægelse. God farve. Bra bit."

Mickey var bedst i racen

"Very good head. Good muzzle. Good eyecolor. Wellplaced ears. Very good neck. Good topline. Short body. Wellset tail with shelf. Good forechest. Good bone, could wish a litte more angulation behind. Good feet. Very good movement. Good color. Good bite"

Mickey was Best of breed


19. June 2005
SPK National, Svendborg
Breed judge Marija Kavcic

 Mickey with handler Charlotte Hansen 

7. May
SPK National, Skanderborg
Judge Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden

Mickey at left - First CAC & Best of breed - as the first Danish born brindle male & littersister 
Fallohide PennyRoyal Leatherleaf
(bl/white) - First CAC & BOS

Mickey was entered in Youthclass and this is what the judge wrote about him:
"tall, masculine, very good bone, good confirmation, well shaped head, hooded ears, good neck, excellent 
ribcage, good forechest, excellent brindle color"
1.1.SL, CK, CAC & Best of breed as the first Danish born brindle male


20. March 2005
DKK kreds 5 Open show, Brædstrup
Breed judge Freddie Klindrup - BIS Youngster judge Kim Vigsøe, both DK
 Best of breed & BIS 2 Youngster


9. November
 DKK International Championshipshow, Herning
Judge Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland
Youthclass male - 1. 4. winner


18. September
DKK Int.- & Copenhagen Winners show, Ballerup
Judge Terry Thorn, England

Photo Lori Evans
Mickey on the table judged by Terry Thorn 

Photo Lori Evans
Mickey shown for the first time in youth class 

Photos Lori Evans
Mickey from different angles

The critique read as follows:
"Good shaped masuline head, dark almond eyes, smallish hodded ears, good straight front, compact feet, deep chest, well sprung ribs, a little overbodied, low in hocks, high set tail with good twist, fairly precise and good swinging movement, could cover a little more ground"
1. 3. best male with SL


4. September
SPK National, Skanderborg
Judge/Dommer Hassi Assenmacher, Germany/Tyskland
Puppy class male
 SL & 3. best puppy male
When we in the ring Rathje Akina Mini came racing in the ring, nearly knocked me down and went for Mickey!  


19. June 2004 - DKK kreds 6, Århus
Breed judge Gert Christensen
1 x Best puppy in breed


25. April 
SPK National, Ringe
Breed judge Jochen Eberhardt,Germany

Baby class male - SL (Very promising)
Mickey on the move - he does very well indeed considering his age


20. March 
SPK National, Stouby
Breed judge Olaf Hedne, Norway
Baby class male  - SL (Very promising)


14. March 2004 
DKK kreds 5, Brædstrup

1 x BIS Baby 3

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