Photos of Mickey in 2008 & 2009
Earlier photos of Mickey

17. December 2009

Mickey celebrates his 6th birthday today
and sends greetings to his litterbrothers Nilo & Ringo

October 2009

Asta, Hanne and Mickey, who adores Hanne ...
When Hanne walked through the door, Asta yodelled for the first time ever ....  

 October 2009

Daddy is home - a little thinner, but otherwise fine and able to inspect Asta's ears ...   

17. December 2008

One of my all time favorite photos of Oliver's sons in Denmark and Hungary

August 2008

Cage and his grandmother came for a visit to meet the dogs - Grandmother lives in Colorado, USA 
(wonder why Mickey has his eyes closes ?)

April 2008


 March 2008

Asta seeking comfort with Daddy

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