Photos of Mickey from 2004, 2006 & 2007
 First birthday - Progeny 

17. December 2007
Mickey celebrates his 4th birthday today - have a look at his first birthday celebration 

Fra Island fik Mickey denne hilsen

Hej Mickey!

Hjertelige til lykke med födselsdagen - 17. des.!

Varme hilsner fra Island,
Asta, Ylur, Sindri, Ynja og Fífí!

Ásta B. Pétursdóttir

Mickey, Christopher and Asta - August 2007

20. June 2007

A visitor from Iceland dropped by...

Ásta  Pétursdóttir from Iceland came by while she was in town to visit her own daughter.
 Mickey loved every minute of the visit as did Asta, namesister to our visitor :-)
Asta from Iceland has 3 basenjis at home
(We received a lovely handbag from Ásta - the bag is from the kennel club of Iceland & the dogs all got treats)

Mickey - May 2007

Play with me, daddy

Mickey & Asta - March 2007

Asta with daddy & mummy sharing a snack
Asta med far og mor mens de deler nogle pinde  - eller rettere Asta har vist fået fars pind - March 2007

Mickey caring for Barbie before she has her litter - December 2006

21. October 2004

 5. September 2004, Silkeborg

Mickey likes to give kisses
Pernille, Cattie & Mickey were at a show both days this past weekend 
 Photo by the late Jan Bakker 

Mickey is very similar to Pernille in temperament, allthough he did get a rough start from his dad, but that is all behind us now and Mickey loves meeting friends on our daily walks, as well as visiting them in their homes - then he is at his best behaviour and always welcomed to come back - which he does :-)

November 2004 - Mickey is now a teenager!  - he is very strict when it comes to keeping time for his walks and food - Sometimes I do not even have to look at my watch ... Mickey is quite the people dog, he sometimes actually prefers humans for dogs ! And he is a talker 

Photo 9. August 2004
Mickey is now almost 8 months old - he has a fantastic head with gorgious markings, also on his body - 
Mickey is an extremely friendly boy & has been healthtested - see below

Mickey 14. March 2004 

Beware of batteries !
December 2004 - Mickey has had an accident when chewing a TV remote control - I thought he was chewing a bone, so let him be - suddanly he screamed and I saw he jumped up into the air and made strange noises - at first I thought he perhaps had gotten an electric shok, but looking at the remote control I noticed a hole in one of the 1.5 v batteries !  The acid had been sprayed into Mickey´s mouth  -  The vet sedated Mickey so we could see the full damage and as it turned out Mickey was burnt on the left side of his lower jaw in his mouth and tonque - he received anticiotics and painkillers and slept for several hours after we came home ... He should be ok again in about 8-10 days - Mickey was well enough to celebrate his first birthday with his sister and many guests 

However it took approx 3 months before Mickey was able to chew on the left side of his mouth and when he did I must admit, I had to cry, as my little boy was ok once again ...  

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