Lure Coursing
Held by the Danish SightHound Club, Odder on July 4th 2010
Asta and Mickey went for the first time to lure coursing. They both surprised me, as Mickey was first to run, but got spooked, so Asta took over and ran her little heart out and loved it - In the second run, Asta was a bit confused and not focusing on the lure, so Mickey got loose and took over and it was his turn to run his heart out with Asta in hot pursuit !  
Both were exhausted and looked pleased with themselves, which they had every reason to be - my 2 darlings :-) 
Photos below by Tina Dahlgaard

First Run

Asta looking for the "bunny"

Asta chasing the "bunny" ...

Asta turning corners, flipping her ears and concentrating ...

Between the first and second runs, we had a lunch break - 

Second run

Second time around Mickey picked up and supported Asta so quickly I did not get time to remove his collars
 Above Mickey with a happy face 

Mickey tasting some grass (?) - he really loved running 

Asta getting the hang of it in the second run

Crossing the finishing line ...

The second run on 17. July in Viborg was a total disaster - neither Mickey nor Asta were in the mood to chase the lure, a plastic bag - must admit I was a bit disappointed, but so be it ....