Wright Advertising Logo Design



Kennel Starburst 


I designed the original lettering  for the Danish Spitzclub 

and the above letters seen on the SPK website and on the frontpage of the cataloques and earlier bi-monthely members magazine  


Kennel Anubis, Italy 


Kennel Temper, Sweden


Kennel Flaghathy

v/ Pia Palmblad Wright

Above is my own logo, where I have worked with my name Palmblad (hence the Palmtrees) and Wright (the trees make the letter W) as well as both breeds I have bred being present

I have done logo designs over the years for many businesses. My specialty is illustrative, so, if you have a special image you need to convey your kennel or business, I would be happy to work with you

  If you just want text, I will also design this for you - Designing a logo is a matter of trust that goes both ways -
I would appreciate credit given for logos designed  - thank you 

Email me the price for a logo, just for you