Kindubeams Greatest Love of All
Born 13. December 2010 - Passed 14. March 2021 - SE10615/2011- DKK 04984/2011 - Breeder Liz Starck, Sweden - Pedigree
Health: Lilly is Free of Fanconi with the new DNA test as of September 2013

14. March 2021
Today was a hard day, as Lilly took her last breath
Goodbye, my sweetheart, I shall never forget you

13. December 2014
Today we celebrate Lilly's fourth birthday
The Swedish flag, because Lilly was born in Sweden, and the Danish flag because this is where Lilly lives

On our Morning walk first the Sun was shining, then it rained and while we were standing waiting for it to stop
a Rainbow appeared - Lilly's rainbow

December 2014

Lilly relaxing in her snoozy

September 2013

Lilly overlooking the street

24. July 2013

Today Lilly's dad became an Angel - RIP dear Zomba

21. April 2013

RIP Kindubeams Gavin Degraw of Zomba
Lilly's litterbrother

13. December 2012
Happy second birthday, sweet Lilly - the Sun is shining, so you must have been a good girl all Year

Lilly July 2012

Asta, Lilly og Mickey April 2012

16. February 2012
Lilly is 2. best basenji female in Denmark 2011  with 4 points after only 1 show as adult

8. October 2011
 SPK National, Gjern, Denmark
Breed judge for basenjis Vincent O'Brien ,Ireland

Kindubeams Greatest Love of All - First CAC & Best of Breed

Thank you, my dear friends, Carl and Hanne, for making this possible

21. May 2011
 Danish Spitzclub National Show, Bredsten

Lilly - BIS Baby

©Georg Carlsen
... here with handler Hanne

May 2011
Litterbrother Gavin has been at his first show in Sweden and was BOB Baby 

Gavin with breeder Liz Starch
(Kindubeams Gavin Degraw of Zomba)

April 2011

Mickey, Lilly and Asta

25 March 2011


19. February

Lilly upgrated to the window with Mickey and Asta
The photo is blue because the Sun is shining on the snow outside & refelcts into the window

15. February

Lilly buttoms up playing with Asta

Lilly sneaking in on Mickey 

14. February 2011

Lilly with Benjamin and Asta at right 
Benjamin is one of our dog walkers 

Lilly with Benjamin and Mickey at right 

Lilly with Mads 
Mads is one of our dog walkers 

Puppy protecting my computer 

12. February 2011

Welcome Lilly to Denmark - and thank you Heléne for bringing her to us

Lilly at left, Lucia and Gavin at the Vets - February 2011

This is Lilly at 5 weeks of age

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Lilly's parents and pedigree

Photos by H Wrede
Lilly's mum (at right) , Pepzi won BEST HEAD at the 2010 Basenji Speicalty in Sweden under judge Jon Curby, USA !
Click on the photo to go to Pepzi's own website and click on Zomba's photo to go to his own website

Swedish Champion
Sundancer In Kabalo
(imp Norway)
Brindle & White  
HD Status A
Eyes minor PPM 
Fin-Lit-Vitr Ch
Kwanza's Tiger Shark
Brindle & White  
Eyes OK
Int/Fin/Est Ch EstW-93 FINW-93 EUW-93 WIENSG-94
Sternhimmels Jobber Jochim
Eyes PPM
Fin-Est-Lit-Russian-Vitr-Let Ch EstW-96
Zindika's Danzanita
(imp USA)
Brindle & White  
HD Status A
Eyes OK

Azenia's Isetta
HD Status A
Eyes OK
Int/Nor/Swe Ch
Azania's Ilario
HD Status A
Int/Nor/Swe Ch
Azania's Isadora
HD Status A
Beyond Belief Of Naboo
HD Status A
Eyes OK


SunTribe's Naboo
HD Status A
Eyes minor PPM 
Swe/Nor Ch
Liljeborg's Chanton of Imagine
HD Status A
Eyes  PPM 
Swe Ch
Faraoland Nile Wild Jiddah
Kingwana's Bahiyah
(imp Norway)
HD Status A
Eyes minor PPM 
Norwegian Champion
Krokfossens Amandus
HD Status A
Eyes minor PPM 

Faraoland Nile Wild Indra

Health issues for Lilly's grandparents are to be found in the Norwegian -, Finnish - and Swedish Dog web - fanconi results from Sally Wallis'  dogdatabase

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