January 2015 basenji foto konkur
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Hi big brother, give med five (Foxtrot at 5,5 weeks with Zizou) by Henriette Varga with 73 points

Congo, our prewasher by Antonio Mati with 63 points (at left)   - Hello by Roto Mallet with 63 points (at right)

Live long and prosper by Uros Anja Sim with  55 points

Lazy Summer Day by Taz Benson with 49 points

My two cave bed junkie, they just cannot get enough of their cave beds by Steffie Cheng with 49 points

Comfy at the hotel by Susan Kamen Marsicano with 45 points

by Thomas Bohn with 45 points

That muddy day by May Mills with 44 points


Maggie is not sure about this little piglet by Donna Doherty with 43 points

There is no way I am going out in the cold by Uros Anja Sim with 42 points


Perfect Mascara by Taz Benson with 41 points

My sweethearts by Kim lest with 40 points

My grandchildren, Gibsa's and Bella's puppies by Dovile Kutrate-urboniene with 39 points

Who called us ? by May Mills with 37 points

She is playing with dadddy by Hiroe Takane with 37 points

Isn't he cute! I love little tine Basenji puppies by Elie Gagnon with 37 points

Dori and Kongo by Thomas Bohn with 37 points

First day away from my moms and there is sotning cold and white on the ground by Martina Rensch with 34 points

We live in this world 1 day - by NokBasenji Chawanwat with 34 points

Misty head study by May Mills with 34 points

Baby it is cold outside, so I will just stay here under the blanket untill Summer arrives by Tamara Allen with 34 points

Fryne z Klanu Lobuzow FCI by Anna Bukowska with 33 points

Is it OK to dring? by May Mills with 33 points

Ha ha ha ha by Suzanne Lynch with 33 points

I want to kiss you by Jaana Vinter with 32 points



Good night - buonanotte - gute Nacht by Brigitte Kürsten with 31 points

I am a Russian doll - Cold here - by Marina Kalugina with 31 points

Cuddles by Suzanne Lynch with 31 points


I tawt I taw a putty tat (Mi è semblato di vedele un gatto) by Clara Mati with 31 points

Misty has a ride in a cable car, Switzerland 2014 by May Mills with 31 points

hello - by Gini Bolder with 30 points

Cannot believe my baby was 8 weeks old here, he's now 13 Months old - love my pup even the naughtiness by Joanne Armitage with 30 points

Goodmorning my friends, kisses from Apple and Uni, Brasil/Rio de Janeiro by Apple Hartmann with 29 points


Misty on the rocks by May Mills with  28 points

Norwegian basenji boat lover by Kari Schou with 28 points

Rhodesian Ridgeback loves basenji-puppies by Gini Bolder with 28 points

I can't eat in your bed, Papa, why? by Kadidja Wippich with 28 points

Because of all the rain Moyo had to find himself a new hobby: interior stylist by Yvonne 't Mannetje with 27 points

Mamma, you awake by Gini Bolder with 27 points


Holle and Melvin by Petra Wobst with 27 points


by Gini Bolder with 27 points

A Sunny day - have a nice weekend to all by Brigitte Kürsten with 26 points

Binti by Bjorn Scholten with 26 points

Lidi and Don 2010 by Brigitte Kürsten with 26 points


Puka sporting my hat by Roto Mallet with 26 points

Sweet little Benji by Stefan N Stephanie Kooiman with 25 points

Let's play by Jaana Vinter with 25 points

babysitter by Eva Boerekamps with 25 points


Breakfast was delicious by Brigitte Kürsten with 24 points

Yes, I can drive by Joanne Armitage with 24 points


"Gaya" Brasil by Rogerio Felisbrto with 24 points


Flying Ben by May Mills with 23 points

Two heads are better than one by Suzanne Lynch with 23 points

Isaak trying to steal 2nd dinner by Daniel Wynne with 23 points

Puppies by Gini Bolder with 22 points

Dancing out in the forest by Dan Sailor with 22 points

by Gini Bolder with 22 points

Congo thinks:" Is this the Basenji Paradise?" by Luisa Ghetti with 22 points

Zinnia and her friend Benji by Pia Swedberg with 22 points


Dogobundi's girls by Thomas Ernst with 22 points

Bosse my basenji and his bodyguard Arne Rottweiler, love my dogs by Angelika O Tommy Svensson with 22 points


Dalvi by Stine Pedersen with 21 points

I am sure the parrots cannot see me here by Suzanne Lynch with 21 points

Randy Shelton says Don has lost a sock, hahaha by Brigitte Kürsten with 21 points

I know I am not allowed to sleep here but I really like it by Marijana Tomas with 21 points


Oh, that's so boring at the moment by Marlis Voitl with 21 points


Hiding spot by Suzanne Lynch with 20 points

Mika relaxing with his friend by Pauline Kehoe with 20 points


by Gini Bolder with 20 points

Djuvanstr Oskar Mirari - we dance and sing by  Galina Dyuba with 20 points

"Gaya"  Brasil by Rogerio Felisberto with 20 points

Do not disturb by Sandy Bartlett with 19 points


Mmmm, so shadows comfy by Suzanne Lynch with  18 points

Yummie, yummie, yummie by Carina ter Harmsel with 18 points

What is there by Hiroe Takane with 18 points

Snow in the face by Heike Andonivic-Henle with 18 points

by Thomas Bohm with 18 points

Gute Nacht by Brigitte Kürsten with 17 points

I want to play all, but I am tored by Suzanne Lynch with 17 points

Puppies by Thomas Ernst with 16 points

We weondered why Lili grumbled ... Boxy the king found his heated chair - by Elie Gagnon with 16 points

Comfy by Suzanne Lynch with 16 points

In Memory of

Kardohill's Dalila Duni, Holly 14.11 2012 - 27.12.2014

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