Handknitted sweaters/håndstrikkede trøjer 
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More new sweaters/flere nye trøjer
& Puppy sweaters

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World dog show 2010 sweaters

Sweaters to basenjis in Holland - January 2015

3 sweaters sent to USA and Eunice Ockerman

This sweater has become very popular and the one above is now in Slovenia - I try and knit so the front fits and also with
pattern around the neck - not forgetting there is a hole for the lead just below the turtleneck - click on the photo to see what I mean

Jeanett Agerup Præst's gang at the beach ...

This is Mickey - 2013

This is papillion Rasmus in his new sweater
Rasmus lives with Charlotte in Denmark

These 2 sweaters are for krysariks - the pattern is very popular and as I
need to remember it, I have added it underneath - further down this page are 2 sweaters in pink and blue
with the same pattern

Kato, Mickey's son - lives with Christel Schouw Pedersen

Funny lives in Switzerland with Juliette Pertuisel

Femi (tri girl) and Zen in new sweaters - both live in Scotland and own Kirsty and Stuart Thomson

This is a coton de tulear in his new sweater with Norwegian pattern - he is owned by Christina Lyngø
A pity it is not possible to see the pattern ...

Enya is a whippet and is here in her new sweater with name on the back - Enya is owned by Susy Sivebæk
Enya er en whippet og vises her i sin nye trøje med navn bagpå - Enya bor hos Susy Sivebæk

Mickey - a krysarik - in his new sweater with motive as the one here at the bottom of the page
Mickey lives with Jeanette Præst

Nanna has the same sweater as Mickey's - only in pink - Nanna lives with Christina Præst
Nanna har samme trøje som Mickeys og i lyserød - Nanna bor hos Christina Præst

This is Mickey in his new sweater - Mickey is a krysarik and lives with Jeanett Agerup Præst

Would you like a sweater for your dog, please send me meassurements of the surrounding of your dog´s neck, chest and waistline, as well as length from base of neck to base of tail. 
The sweaters can be machine washed on cool setting, hang to dry or drier on low heat

Kunne du tænke dig en trøje til din hund, så send mig målene på omkredsen af din hunds hals,  brystkasse og talje, samt længde fra hals til halerod
Trøjerne kan maskinvaskes på 30 grader, hænges til tørre, eller i tørretumbler på lav varme

 Email me for a quote for a sweater 
Send mig en mail ang priser for en trøje til din hund

Med venlig hilsen/regards, Pia