First birthday held 17. December 2004
for Mickey and Pernille

Cattie is a very good mother - here she is at left by Mickey´s side and on the photo at right she is with Pernille while they are all waiting for their guests

First guest has arrived with presents - Julie, their first nanny, who now is at college

Cattie is thanking on behalf of her children ...

Cattie sitting on Julie´s lap,while Katharina (in the red blouse) present nanny, is waiting for some of the birthday cake and some action

Suzanne (in the middle) is a creative bookwriter and it seems she has captivated the guests to such an extent that Julie´s hair seems on fire and Heidi´s hair is standing on
edge - even Cattie on Julie´s lap is listening to Suzanne ...

... the party is coming to an end - Pernille and Cattie are sitting with Heidi who owns a German Shephard, Kelli, also friends of the b-children - note Mickey is semiretired -
he did well considering his ordeal with the 1.5 v battery the day before ! 

... a lovely party - now we are tired - thank you for the lovely presents - see you soon again ...

Mickey and Pernille

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