Favorite pharaoh hound photos (1)
Several of the photos I have borrowed from facebook with permission - however, if there is a photo you are not happy about, please let me know
Favorite pharaoh hound photos (2) -   Favorite pharaoh hound SHOW photos
Pharaoh hound smiles

Grapped by the nuts ... by Viktorija Visska

Reedly Road An Egypt Star - by Tanya Grodinskaya

Jabbah-Kaa, Kixcia-Kamelh and Annica Lundqvist-Hemstrom, Sweden

 Making the most of the last of the Summer sunshine - October 2010

lullabye ...  

hugs and cuddles ...

Malta look alike 

Photo by Emelie Andersson
  This is Siphra's Pied Piper overlooking his Kingdom in Sweden  aka, Look-A-like Malta

Baby and best friend, Fall in Love Reedly Road Bahar, living in Riga, Latvia

Hmmmm ...

Something in this photo is not correct ? :-)

Oh, Dear ...

... what big teeth you have !  I am a little afraid, but I am not giving up my carrot, 
the beagle puppy seems to think - or not ?
Pharaoh hound is Reedly Road Debellatore, living with his beagle friend in Moscow, Russia

4. March 2009
Freestyle with Ezhar Come A Long With Me "Puma" & Denice Robrandt
Click on the photo to see some more dancing !


Fallohide King Ramses with grandson - Ramses lived to the tender age of 15 
Photo from Annette Bystrup´s website