Fallohide the Jeddah Rider
4.12.1984 - DKK 05734/85
Fallohide the Extra Terrestrial x Fallohide Lady Fallon

Jeddah here with Tina winning
Best puppy in Show

 DKK Int., Otterup 17.08.1985

Jeddah´s progeny
Jeddah sired  one litter with Fallohide Lady Lanastasia - pups born 28.12.1985 - breeder Ewa Wardlaw
Apollo, Hermes, Talia, Terpsichore & Cleo

Hermes won 1 x CAC & BOB over his mother, who also won CAC at Køge National, held 22.5.1988
Terpsichore was shown up til Veteranclass - Cleo was shown a few times

Jeddah´s littersisters were:
Lady Jane Eyre & Janet Perry

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