Fallohide Sulu Alpha Zulu 
Born 1. December 2009 - DK23301/2009 - owners Johanna & Malte Mayrberger 
Fanconitest April 2010:  probably CLEAR
 Sulu's Gallery 2009 - Sulu's Gallery 2010  - Photos of Sulu and family

31. March 2014
Photostream of Sulu and Al'kesh

May 2013

Sulu and

1. December 2012

Sulu celebrating her 3. birthday with a run by the beach

November 2012

Sulu and

Februar 2012

Sulu has a new playmate from Germany - her name is
Mangbetu's Al'kesh

May 2011

Sulu and friend  playing by at the beach

May 2011

Sulu on a stub


Sulu on Malte's shoulders

January 2011

Sulu in the Morning

Sulu in the evening 

Christmas present from Sulu

 thank you Joanna and Malte :-)


Am-, Swedish-, Danish-, Norwegian- Nordic & International Champion
No Ka Oi Travels To Kazor

Grandquest Kazor's
Motumbo Xequemate  
Kazor Dragonquest Hot Java
Kazor's Miss Merrylegs

No Ka Oi's Jar-Lani Paha

No Ka Oi's Anuenue Jargon
No Ka Oi's Haulani Nani

Fallohide Buff Barbie (IND)

Fallohide Toddo Rumblebluff 
Am- Lux Ch 
Akuaba's Original Sin
Catiba At Pia's Hanacek  

(New owners in Germany 
not willing to fanconi test Barbie :-(
Bravo Out of Africa 

Duna Del Girasole

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