Danish Champion 
Fallohide Son of Princess
 13.11.1979 - 1985 - DKK 27860/79
Azenda Phuma of Fallohide x Fallohide Golden Evenstar 

Sonny lived with a family, who cared very much for him - he liked the shows and soon became Danish Champion - Sonny lived a quiet life
with first Changa´s Ruby Red and later with his daughter, Joanna

 Some of Sonny's placings:
4 x Best in Group 3

16. August 1980
 DKK Int., Otterup
Sonny was Best of Breed & BIG 3

8. November 1980
DKK Int., Herning
Sonny was Best of Breed & BIG 3

Sonny was Best Spitz #9 - 1980 
Danish Kennel Club 

16. August 1981
DKK Int., Otterup
Judge Carin Slættne, Sweden
Sonny was Best of Breed & BIG 3

8. November 1981
DKK Int., Herning
Judge Deane Anderson, Norway
Sonny was Best of Breed, NEW Danish Champion & BIG 3

Sonny was B
est Spitz #6 - 1981 
Danish Kennel Club  with 20 points
Gold Dog of the Year #3 - 1981
The Danish Spitz Club 

21. March 1982
The Danish Spitzclub National, Allesø
Judge Gerd Hermansen
Sonny won the Championclass with CK

Sonny sired 1 litter

Lady Joanna
Juvenile Delinquent

DKK 36341/82
DKK 36342/82



Breeder: Pia Palmblad Wright
Sire: Fallohide Son of Princess
Dam: Changa's Ruby Red
Born: 16. November 1982


Sonny´s littersister was Danish Champion Fallohide Lady Pimepa

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