Danish Champion 
Fallohide Sir Victor
b  21.02. 1981 - 1988 - DKK 07781/81
Azenda Phuma of Fallohide x Fallohide Golden Evenstar

How and why Victor got his name

Tina and Victor

Victor was from the beginning Tina´s basenji - even when she went off to Boarding School she was allowed to have Victor with her! After Tina had finished her education and went to live in a flat in Copenhagen, Victor became very lonely. He soon had a female companion, Ruby
When Tina moved to the West coast of America she would not bring Victor and Ruby with her. They are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge ...

Some of Victor's placings:

1 x Reserve Best Puppy in Show
08. 11.1981 - DKK Int., Herning 

1 x Best Puppy in Show 3
not sure about the event as of yet ...

1 x  Best in Group
18. 07. 1981 - DKK National Show, Bornholm & BIS 8

1 x Best in Show & Danish Champion
 04. 06. 1983 - National Show, Ålborg


Victors progeny

Changa´s Ruby Red -  pups born 10.11.1983
Fallohide Son of Victor & Lady Sirelaine 

 Changa´s Ruby Red - one male pup born 3.11.1985
 Fallohide Solo Spotshot 

Victor´s littersister and brothers
 Fallohide Lady Victory, Sir Vincent & Sir Valiant 

How Victor got his name
In the first litter Princess had there were 4 females besides the only male, Tuffy. The 4 females suddenly all died  when they were 8 days old and Princess was left with Tuffy, who in more ways than one lived up to his name during his life. 
When Princess had her second litter it was with great anticipation we watched and cared for the 1 girl and 3 boys - When it appeared they all seemed well and healthy  we named the only female Victory and one of the males Victor - Princess had 2 more litters and to this day we will never know why there were problems in her first litter

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