Danish Champion
Fallohide Pippa Mercedes
Born 23. November 1992  * 2. February 2004 - DKK 06762/93
Akuaba Bedeviled x Bokoto Nile Apalachian Star

Photo OBC
Mercedes is the first and only tri-color basenji female born in our kennel - She was anticipated as the mating was carefully planned between Pepsi and Mickey Mouse 

Mercedes has set some splendid records as the first and only tri-color basenji female in Denmark and is now retired from the show ring and lives on the island of Taasinge with a loving family, we often visit

 Oliver, Pia and Mercedes
Spring 2001 

Photo taken 16. August 2003 and this was the last time I saw Mercedes

11 year old Mercedes with co-owner Helle Petersen
Merecedes lives on through Barbie´s litter

Mercedes show results

1 x
Best Baby in Show
28. 03.1993 - National Show, Viborg

1 x
Best Puppy in Show
06. 06. 1993 - SPK Jubilee Show, Grenaa

1 x Best Puppy in Show 3
05. 06.1993 - SPK Jubilee Show, Grenaa

1 x Best Youngster in Show
28.11.1993 - SPK Årup

1 x Best Youngster in Show 4
September 1994 - National Show, Silkeborg

3 x Club CAC
16. 03. 1996 - National Show, Viborg
25. 05. 1996 - SPK Visse
05. 08. 1995 - National Show, Ålborg

Mercedes was also shown in Champion Class at the World Dog show in Brussels 1995
At the Copenhagen Winners show in 1996 Mercedes was rough handled by the judge and fell of 
the table and since has not liked the show ring

Mercedes was first mated to Nordic Ch Azenda Gull in 1996, however she went empty. The following year we tried again, but Gull was not interested - little did we know at this time how ill he was  - At the show in Herning 1997 we then met Gull´s grandson 

NUCH Vicita´s Surprise Via France
, who then mated Mercedes and pups were born  01.01.1998
Fallohide Baby Benz, Babe Ruth & Happy Newyear to Ypsylon

The following year Mercedes was mated to San D´Laine´s We Are the Champions, however this  was an ectopic pregnancy and caused Mercedes to have surgery - Mercedes survived this as well and lived to the tender age of 13 years - 
Thanks to her co-owners Helle Petersen & family 
(unfortunate to have the same name as the owner of Flaghathy kennels - no 2 people could be more different!)

Mercedes and her son Fallohide Babe Ruth (Bubber)
Unfortunately Bubber was hit by a car on Nov. 10th 2000 

Litterbrother was to go to Poland, and was looked after by Helle Pedersen, kennel Flaghathy - however she forgot to tell me that the male was kicked by one of her horses so before his departure to Poland,  the vet found muliple fractures on his legs, poor little soal !  I did wonder why he walked so strange ... 

Mercedes litter sister and -brothers are
Fallohide Miniature Dwight, Fallohide Princess of Ozma, Fallohide Pia Rosetta & Fallohide Mr.King Kylie

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