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28. September 2005
My heart is so heavy, my eyes filled with tears ...

Picture Captions
 Pernille ran out the door with her mother, Cattie, and after a cat and got hit by a truck, neither survived this impact... 

Like a spark she lived, quick and bright,
a flare of love and heat and light,
a dancing flame, too bright to see,
has embraced her final destiny.

And we are cold without our flame,
but, in the dark, some hope remains,
that she is warm and safe and loved,
running in green fields above,
that she is happy, free from pain,
her spirit unbound by aerthly gain.

And in the darkest night, our darling friend
whispers softly, "We will meet again."

Pernille 14. August 2005

Photo Suzanne Mortensen (visit Suzanne´s website)
Afternoon walkies in the bright Wintersun - From left: Pernille, Cattie, Mickey and Hilde
January 2005

This is my little sweetheart, Pernille - a little girl with a twinkle in her eyes, always ready for a good game - Pernille is also very outgoing in her temperament - loves to meet new and old friends and dogs on our daily walks. At the same time Pernille is a very independant young lady ... photo taken  9. August 2004 

Sharing - or brushing each others teeth ...    Mickey and Pernille
June 2004

 Pernille getting a snack 
March 2004 

 Pernille and her "friends"  
 24. January 2004 


Show results

14. August
DKK International, Odense
Judge Mrs. Marion Spavin, England

"lovely head and eye, good ears, excellent front and feet, nice neck and topline, good quarters, sound active mover"
1.1.CK, CAC, CACIB,  Best of breed &
NEW Danish champion


19. June
SPK National, Svendborg
Judge Marja Kavcic, SLO

"15 months old, good in type, correct headpropertions, correct bite, well set light eyes, good ears, nice neck, square body, good legs, sound movement, correct tailcarriedge, good coat, enought loose skin" 
1.1. CK,  CAC & BOS

This judge did NOT like Mickey - read more here 


7. May 
SPK National, Skanderborg
Judge Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden

Pernille was entered in Open Class and this is what the judge wrote about her:
"Feminine, excellent size, good bone, good propertions, well shaped head, would wish for darker eye, enough wrinkle, good hooede ears, well ribbed, good coat, well angulated, good tailset, moved well"
1.1. CK CAC & BOS


9. November 2004
 DKK International Championshipshow, Herning
Judge Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland
Youthclass female - 1. 2. winner


4. September
SPK National, Skanderborg
Judge Hassi Assenmacher, Germany

 SL & 2. best puppy female


25. April 
SPK National, Ringe
Judge Jochen Eberhardt,Germany

Pernille stacked

Baby class females - SL (Very promising)
Pernille on the move - she does very well indeed considering her age


20. March 
SPK National Show, Stouby 

Pernille -  BIS Baby 4


Certificate for eye examination results :
PPM - Free
Katarakt - Free
RD - Free
Hypoplasi of N optical/mikropapil - Free
CEA - Free
PRA - Free

Negative tested for sugar in urine - September 2005
Height 42 cm 
Weight 7.5 kg

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