Fallohide Lady Madonna
09.12.1988 - 1991 - DKK 02813/89
Fallohide The Extra Terrestrial x Fallohide Lady Fallon

Donna, here at our Basenji show 1990 
judged by Helena Strömbert

Donna was shown several times and won 1 x CAC & 1 x CACIB before having a litter

Donna had one litter by Akuaba Bedeviled - 3 pups born 20.12.1990
Fallohide Lady Madge, Dame Edna Everage & Fallohide Marty Mcfly

Donna had 3 siblings
Fallohide the Cracker-Jack, Zip'n'snort Sir & Fallohide Lady Funny Face
Cracker-Jack was exported to Berlin and Funny Face to Finland

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