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 Born 19. December 2006 - DK00270/2007 -  ÔHZB -BAJI 43 - Oscar´s website in Hungary
Pedigree  - Oscar, when he was very little
Sit back, listen to the music and watch Oscar´s slideshow -
Collages of and from Oscar

July 2010
It has been over a year since I heard about Oscar and how he is doing - 

I came across this photo and hope that the red-white basenji is Oscar - 

This is what Oscar "wrote" on his website
Fertöd 19. 06. 2008

My dear Mum from Dänemark
Today I am exactly 1 year in Fertöd, and also I am exactliy 1 ½ years old.
I am feeling very well, and I am so happy you took contact with my new Mum, because now I know, how it is to be loved, 
not like in Vienna before. I wish, you could come once to Fertöd, and see how nice it is here, but I think 
Annegret and Hans Jürgen have told you about

It is so nice to play with ANKA and ASABI
And we have a lot of fun, specially in our beautiful garden.
Wishing you and and the dogs all the best
Specially to my sister

Oscar & Bärbel - July 2008

Oscar with Asabi and Anka - February 2008 

Oscar with Asabi and Anka - November 2007

Oscar and uncle Asabi -
July 2007 in Fertöd, Hungary

Darling Little Oscar - July 2007

This is what Barbara writes about Oscar on 20th July

Dear Pia,
thanks for the nice greatings for Oscars 7 month-birthday
. On that day I was with him in Vienna, and had a second blood proof- it is much much better, and she (the Vet) could not believe, that it is Oscar, he has nearly 2 kilos more, than 4 weeks ago, when I was the first time at her to have him checked - she asked to come in about 6-8 weks again, to have annother proof

Anka and Asabi are every day more playing with him, and they both like him very much. He is eating very good, and I will going on with feeding him with the meal, that the dr. vet told me - Manfred made today nice pictures from him, and I will send you tomorrow-

kind regards from all of us from Hungary

Sweet, little and smiling Oscar with Uncle Asabi now living together in Hungary - June 2007

21. June
Photos of Oscar in his new home

Here is Oscar with Barbara in Fertöd, Hungary - he looks happy and is very affectionate 
I am very happy that everything ended well and will forever be indebted to Barbara and her husband, Manfred 

Oscar playing with Daddy - January 2007

 Oscar´s parents, Mickey at left and Barbie at right


Toddo Rumblebluff

Brindle & White  
Slightly PPM
 PRA  & Katarakt free
HD status A
Akuaba´s Original Sin
Brindle & White  
Am Ch 
Reveille Hoo Wants Roses
HM516728/01 USA
12 May 1994
 Am Ch, WW 2002
 Akuaba In Gingham
Brindle & White
HM738539/01 USA
8 Dec 1997
Catiba At Pia´s Hanacek
Black & white
 Free for fanconi by parents
Int/Cze/Pol/Club Ch
Newyl Brosch Zlatna Dolina
CLP/146/HR/10009 Croatia
25 Jun 1998
Fanconi Free
CzeJ/Cze/Club/Int/Pol Ch
Asja Hanacek
Black & White
CLP/BSN/165 CZ Republic
13 Dec 1999
Fanconi Free
PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
HD status B


Bravo Out of Africa 
Fanconi Test 2007: free
Brindle & White  
BKD 02/0246UE USA 
24 Dec 2000
Possum Creek
Joker's Wild
1/4 African Brindle & White  
PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
Am Ch 
Veeva Out of Africa

1/8 African Brindle & White
Duna Del Girasole
LO99114516 Italy
16 Jan 1999
PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
Ocsenji-Hegyi Artur
Pulcinella Tintarelladiluna

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