Brindles World wide
1. January 2000 - the brindle color was recognized by FCI
This is a long story about the color brindle - I hope I have all the facts correct, otherwise please let me know

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Brindles are now also in China - 2017

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7. February 2016
International Dog Show, Pacifico, Yokohama, Japan

Zakiya Jomoke ALISINA ZVEZDOCHKA - Best of Breed & NEW International Champion
Erevu Mbwana Alisina Zvezdochka x  Evonty Ranesha Habiba and progeny from our BOO, Pernille and Minnie Mouse)

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August 2014
International Dog show, France

BIS progeny with all brindles
From left: Faldo du Chemin de la Lune aux Reves, Fargo du Chemin de la Lune aux Reves & at
Jayac Luna Nova du Chemin de la Lune aux Reves - all progeny of Multichampion
Thot Mufren d'Ericeira
and progeny of our Candu's Kahlua, Azenda Phuma of Fallohide, Akuaba Bedeviled & Fallohide Zindarella Liberty

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9. August 2014
BKB Specialty Show, Czechia

Hannah Ekibondo - BEST IN SHOW
BISS Club show - (2009 BOS) 2011,2013,2014
BISS Specialty show - 2010, 2011 & 2014
European Junior winner 2008  ( 10 months!)
World Winner  2009

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19. - 21. October 2012
International and National Dog Shows in Beijing, China

Eldorado N Akuaba Wind Beneath My Wings
- Chinese Champion 2012
(Eldorado's Akuaba One More Time x Eldorado's Feel the Heat & progeny to our Fallohide Candu's Blacque Legacy)

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 Old Legend's Demian sired the first brindle in Latvia in 2011

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June 2010
World Dog Show,  Herning, Denmark

Abotere's Zharim - Junior WW 2010

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11. October 2009
World Dog Show, Bratislava, Slovakia

C-Quest's Echo of Eldorado - Best of breed & World Winner 2009 (at left) & Hannah Ekibondo - BOS & World Winner 2009 at right

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30. May 2008 
Norwegian Basenji Specialty

Res Shiraa Av Basenjis 4 Real - BEST IN SHOW & New Norwegian Ch

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World Dog Show, Mexico City, Mexico

Chaka won Best Puppy in Group at World Dog Show in Mexico 2007
(I do not know the parents to this puppy - info much appreciated)

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18. September 2004
DKK Int.- & Copenhagen Winners show, Ballerup
Judge Terry Thorn, England - BIS Puppy judge

From PBīs El Diabolo  - Best Puppy in Breed & BIS Puppy
as the first brindle in Denmark

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April 2004
World Dog Show, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Group judge Ermano Maniero

Zindikas Johnny Come Greatly - Best of breed, World Winner 2004 (for the second time)  & BIG 3 
Click on the photo

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Jasiri-Sukari Fire-N-Lines won 1 x Best in Show
(Ebonwind Justly O'Fantasia x Jasiri-Sukari Jess Be-Kaus)

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Between 2003 - 2004 Jasiri-Sukari the Illustrated Man won 5 x Best in Show
(Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld x Jasiri-Sukari Taboo)

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From PBīs El Diabolo 
From PBīs
El Torro
From PBīs
From PBīs
Eponine Smilla
From PBīs
Elvira - exp Holland
From PBīs
Elinora - exp Sverige
Breeder: Peter Bihlet
Sire: Akuabaīs Original Sin - brindle
Dam: Faraoland Tilly Trotter - brindle
Born: 24.December 2003
Ejer af Elvira: J. Brookman
ALL brindle litter in Denmark

Import to Germany from USA

Polish Champion Serengeti Rockonto Kokojambo
(Serengeti Hartland C Basie x Serengeti Caper brindle)
Born 8. December 2002 - Breeder Margaret Greenlee - Owner Strizels
Rockonto sired 2 litters, 1 at Pharaoh's Diamond's in 2005 and the second at Kokojambo's in 2009, where one male was of the color trindle, which was new to the breed in Europe

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Canada's Number 1 Basenji & Number 9 Hound for 2003

Schaumburg's That's Amoire
(Schaumburg's Show Me the Money x Klassic's Chanel)

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29. May - 1. June 2003
World Dog Show, Dortmund, Germany

Jasiri-Sukari Streamlined Skardus - Youth World Winner 2003
(Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man - see above photo x Jasiri's Jurassic Bark)

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Akuaba's Original Sin sired the first litter with brindles in the Czech Republic

HANACEK Eiwo  - exp Hungary - Multichamp
HANACEK Esara - Multichampion
HANACEK Eliah - Multichampion



Breeder: M. Juricova, the Czech Republic
Sire: Akuaba's Original Sin
- brindle
Dam: Benguela Ekibondo
Born 23 . November 2002

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25. December 2002
First litter of brindles born in Denmark
 (Kibushi Nevertheless x Possum Creek Just My Luck)
Breeder kennel Rathje 

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September 2002

International Dog Show, Leipzig, Germany,

Judge W Pepper

Escapades Bravo Out of Africa - Best of Breed, Best in Group & BEST IN SHOW

... and in Canada a brindle also won BEST IN SHOW

September 2002
Judge Alan Bennett

Schaumburgs Thats Amoire - First time BEST IN SHOW
(Schaumburg's Show Me the Money x Klassic's Chanel)
Click on the photo to see several BIS wins in Canada, which made him Canada's first basenji in 2002 & 2003 - see further up

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5. July 2002
World Dog Show,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Abotere's Zhenga - BOS, Amsterdam- &  WorldWinner 2002
Click on the photo

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June 2002
International Dog Show, Frankfurt, Germany
Judge Jochen Eberhardt

Escapades Bravo Out of Africa - Best of Breed, Best in Group & BEST IN SHOW
(Possum Creek Jokers Wild x Astarte's Veeva out of Africa)
This brindle US import, bred by Steve Berry, was the first brindle to win BEST IN SHOW in Europe - and at the age of 18 Months
and went on to win numerous titles

Escapades Bravo Out of Africa - German Veteran of the Year 2009

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March 2002
Basenji Club of Victoria, Australia
Judge Miss Margaret Joyce

Kazor's Jack Be Brindle - BEST IN SHOW
(Zindika's Johnny Come Greatly x Kazor's Sly Sassinak O'Sunjata)
This US import was the first brindle to win a Basenji Specialty in Australia
Click on the photo for more info

First brindle English Champion ?
GB Ch Domewood Uber-Unnshnesh
  ( born 31. December 2002 from Desert Storm x Domewood Star In Stripes)    

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22. January 2002
First brindles born in Russia - and exported to Estonia, where the sire,
(the first brindle to Estonia) Riot Color Out of Africa, had been imported from France in 2001
RUS AHMAR'S Rose Of Tiger Wind To Ribessita
(brindle female, born 22. January 2002 from Riot Color Out of Africa x Tagri Edcher Hello Dolly)

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World Dog Show, Porto, Portugal

Akuaba In Gingham - BOS, NEW Portuguese Champion & World Winner 2001
(dam to our Akuaba's Original Sin)

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 27. May 2001
International Championship Show, Neumunster
, Germany
Am- & Luxembourg Ch Akuabaīs Original Sin - First brindle male to win CAC and CACIB 

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1.  April 2001

AmCh Akuabaīs Original Sin
First brindle male to become Luxembourg Champion with CACIB

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27. August 2000
 International Dog Show, Hemeenlinna, Finland
Judge Ritva Raita

First all brindle progeny group in Finland -  BEST IN SHOW
I do not know the names of the basenjis in this group

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3. August 2000
First brindle male imported from America to Denmark
AmCh Akuaba's Original Sin

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22. June 2000
World Dog Show,  Milano, Italy
Breed judge Enrico Adinolfi - Group judge

Zindika's Johnny Come Greatly - Best of breed, World Winner 2000 &
BEST IN GROUP, as the first brindle to attend a WDS
(Bluecrest Bound for Reveille x Zindika's Flying Fanny (daughter of Changa's Dan Patch)

From 1996 - 1999 Zindika's Johnny Come Greatly won 59 BEST IN SHOWS and 1 more title of WorldChampion!

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The first brindle female to be exported to Finland from USA

Int Fin Est Ltu Rus Lv Blr Ch EstW-96 LTUW-00
Zindika's Danzanita

(born 26. January 1995 from Changa's Dan Patch x Vikentor's Mountain Manzanita)
Breeder Cecily Rappe - owner Seija Viitanen, Kwanza kennels and had her first litter born 5. January 1998 sired by Sternhimmels Jobbe Jochim with the first brindle puppies born in Finland

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was as far as I know the first
brindle female imported to Germany from Sweden
(Rathje Changanatamu x Kibushi Nevertheless)
Born 16. December 1998 - Breeders Lene Rathje Andersen, Denmark &
 Betina Håkansson, Sweden - owner Alexander Solya, ajabu ya safari kennels
Mimi was the only female in this litter of 8 puppies - reg
S13366/99 and BKD 00/0173 UE
I wish I could find a photo of this female ....

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11. December - First all
brindle litter born in England
Parents: Domewood Tiger Tim x Sirius Khamsin Hello My Lady (of Domewood) - both brindle
The litter consisted of 3 puppies - 2 females and 1 male, all brindle - the male Domewood Tiger Wyld (at Bubas) became Irish Champion, as his sire
who was the first brindle Irish Champion

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First brindle female imported to Denmark from USA

 Kibushi Nevertheless
 (Avongara Diagba x AmCh Kisbushi All Or Nothing)
Born 15. November 1994 - Breeders Vicki & Jon Curby - Owner Lene Rathje Andersen
This female's first litter was born 16. December 1998  and registered in Sweden as the color brindle was not yet recognized in FCI
The second litter was born in Denmark - see further up under the year 2002

The first basenji to be registered in Marocco was a brindle female
Jivevit' de la Baume Cromagnon

 (Arab Bahari's Klassic Tiger x Arab Bahari's Gala Gazala)
Born 21. December 1994 - breeder Michel Gaudois - owner Pietro Ali Basciano
LMO 1 - LOF 533-733 (Morocco)

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Changa's Dan Patch - the first brindle to win BEST IN SHOW in USA

(Changa's Hold Taht Tiger x Flurry's Xmass Angel and sire to Zindika's Danzanita exp to Finland, see further up)

In July 1994, I judged the Basenji Club of California ( entry 111) and gave this beautiful
brindle runner up Best in show, the day after I gave him the Hound group at Santa Barbara..
Am Ch Changa's Dan Patch JC was one of the first Brindle Basenjis in the USA to win top honours..
His colour was excellent, and not in the least muddy,.. just shadows down his back in the photo.
by Zena Thorn Andrews

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Jean Louis Grünheid bred the first All brindle litter in Europe 

ARAB BAHARI'S Jo le Taxi Brousse
ARAB BAHARI'S Jo l'Africain
ARAB BAHARI'S Jungle Tam Tam
ARAB BAHARI'S Jazz el Almaz
ARAB BAHARI'S Jen Karen Blixen
Judy of Daktari
LOF 534
LOF 535
LOF 536
LOF 537
LOF 538
LOF 539
Breeder:  Jean Louis Grünheid, France
Arab Bahari's Klassic Tiger - brindle
Dam: Arab Bahari's Hindi Naomi 
Born:  21. December 1994


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4. December 1994
The first brindle male imported to Sweden from England
Domewood Tiggatoo
(Kibushi Bukavu Forest Tiger of Domewood x Sirius Khamsin Hello My Lady of Domewood)
Born 4. December 1994 - bred by  E A Bowers - owned by Lotten Fornell and Tomas Eriksson, Triad's kennels
1 litter was sired in 1996 by Tiggatoo, both redwhite dogs - The next litter with brindles in Sweden were born 16. December 1998, bred by a Danish breeder, as the color
was not yet recognized by FCI ... see further up ....

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Iabon de la Baume Cromagnon was the first brindle
male to become Champion of Marocco
(Arab Bahari's Klassic Tiger (brindle)  x Arab Bahari's Gala Gazala)
Born 21. December 1993 - breeder M. Gaudois, France

Brindles were first shown in Canada in 1993

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Klassic's Eye of the Tiger sired the first brindles in Canada in 1992
Actually there were several litters with brindle born in 1992 both in Canada and USA sired by this male

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The first brindle imports from USA to England were
Sirius Khamsin Hello My Lady (of Domewood)
(Kibushi Get Sirius (brindle) x Rodon Encore of Beja)
Born 11. December 1991 - bred by - Owned by Bunty Bowers
Hello My Lady had 3 litters between 1993 - 1996

... and brindle male
Kibushi Bukavu Forest Tiger (of Domewood)
(Kibushi Get Sirius (brindle) x Kibushi Hello Dolly Bukavu )
Born 14. December 1991 - bred by Jon Curby - Owned by Bunty Bowers
Kibushi Bukavu Forest Tiger (of Domewood) and Sirius Khamsin Hello My Lady (of Domewood)
had one litter born 4. December 1994 with 4 brindles  and one red/white puppy - Breeder Bunty Bowers, Domewood kennels
See further up under 1994

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Klassic's Eye of the Tiger - visited France
(Kibushi Get Sirius (brindle) x Falisha's Fawna Kira)
Born 20. November 1991 - breeder  Sue Kite, USA

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The Basenji National, Washington DC., USA

Photo: Pia Wright at The Basenji National 1989
 Avongara M'Bliki
Parents unknown
Born approx October 1987 - Importers, Jon Curby, Damara Bolte and Stan Carter - Owner Damara Bolte

This was the first brindle basenji I saw and 12 years later I had one to call my own !
Click on the photo to read more about this brindle female, who had the first litter in USA containing brindles

The first litter of brindles born in USA
(Avongara Diagba  (brindle) x Avongara M'Bliki (brindle))
Born 21. November 1989 - Breeder Damara Bolte
The litter contained of 4 brindlrs and 2 red/white males

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Import from Zaire

Avongara Gangura
Parents unknown
Born approx 1. December 1986
Imported by Jon Curby and Michael Work - Owners Cathy and James Swayze

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Mahmoud bin Laughing Brook
(brindle male) & M'Bunga of Laughing Brook
(Binza of Laughing Brook x Carmen of the Congo)
Born 13. August 1960, Breeder  Michael Hughes-Halls - Owner of M'Bunga, Miss Veronica Tudor-Williams
Owner of Mahmoud, Mrs Wynn Lyne-Stephens
Read about this litter here

South Africa- & Rhodesia Champion Binza of Laughing Brook
(Nguaguru x Wiringua)
Approx date of birth February 1959, Breeder Chief Zungumbia - Owner Michael Hughes-Halls
Eksported to England 1950 and returned to Rhodesia 1960
Read about Binza here

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Source for BIS brindle basenjis AKC All-Breed Bests in Show - the Basenji Club of America (pdf file)