Danish-, Dutch-, International- & Luxembourg Champion 1985
Youth Amsterdam- & Winner 1978
World Champion 1979
& 1980 
The only red/white basenji male to have wont this title twice  - to the best of my knowledge
Azenda Phuma of Fallohide
 19. December 1977 - 10. October 1992 - DKK 15616/78
Sire of 18 litters & 63 puppies (14 litters in Denmark & 4 litters with foreign females)
Bernie has lots of progeny World wide - visit his
Progeny site

Pedigree -  Show results - Titles - Bernie and sire

Bernie at the Worlddogshow in Verona, Italy 1979 with owner at right, and at left is breeder
Magareth Christy-Davies with Cobby, her last basenji - click on the photo to go to the site "Gone, but not forgotten"

Bernie back from the Amsterdam Winners show 1978, winning BIS 3

Bernie´s Titles

Danish Kennel Club 
Best Spitz #4  
with 20 points

The Danish Spitz Club 
Runner Up to
Gold Dog of the Year 


The Danish Spitz Club
Runner Up to 
Gold Dog of the Year
 with 21 points

The Danish Spitz Club 
Veteran of the Year
with 20 points

The Danish Spitz Club
Veteran of the Year # 2
 with 10 points


Mrs. Elspet Ford writes in her book  
"The Complete Basenji" 

"Pia Wright took Fallohide Dreamer and Galadriel, Golden Evenstar and a 
black/white bitch, Ellendil with her in 1976 when she left England to live in Denmark
(Correction here, as Fallohide Dreamer and Galadriel were exported to Denmark as well as Fallohide Ellendil (black/white) before our return to Denmark.
With us were St Erme Golden Kinget, St Erme Pony My Love (black/white) and their daughter Fallohide Golden Evenstar)

The following year she imported from England, a grandson of Aus Ch Touch O'Class of Woz,
Azenda Phuma of Fallohide
Phuma was campaigned throughout Europe, gaining many honors 
and putting Basenjis firmly on the map with regard to European Shows "


Show results

2 x Best in Show 3
26. 11.1978 - Amsterdam Winners Show, Holland
June 1979 - World Dog Show, Bern, Switzerland

1 x Best in Show 4
01.06.1980 - National Show, Randers

4 x Best in Group
02.09.1979 - DKK National, Silkeborg
15. 09.1979 - Den Haag Int., Holland
& BIS 7
Nov. 1979 - DKK Int., Herning
& BIS 6
26.9.1982 - DKK Int., Roskilde & BIS 6

1 x Reserve Best in Group 
August 1979 - DKK Int., Otterup

2 x Best in Group 4
11.11.1978  - DKK Int., Herning
May 1979 - Arnheim Int., Holland

4 x Best in Show PROGENY
26.09.1982 - DKK Int., Roskilde
17. 04. 1983 - National Show, Roskilde
August 1983 - Venue to come
16.6.1984 - DKK Int., Copenhagen 
No other Danish basenji stud dog has this record - to the best of my knowledge

1 x Reserve Best in Show PROGENY
24. 9. 1983  DKK Int., Copenhagen

1 x Reserve Best Veteran in Show
03.02.1985 - National Show, Kalundborg
2 x World Champion - 1979 & 1980
1 x Luxembourg Champion 1985

Bernie´s sire at left and Bernie himself at right

Eng Ch 
Riviana Kingfisher JW 
2359BF England
12 Dec 1970
Riviana Golden Eagle Eng Ch
St Erme 
Fula Falcon of the Congo
Riviana Quick Decision
Shepherd´s Delight
Riviana Fiki´s Beau
Riviana Black Murogi
Eng Ch 
Azenda Tuffanuff JW
3710BL England
15 Jan 1970
Am/Aus Ch
Touch O´Class of Woz of Tamsala
Am Ch
Khani´s Tuff Stuff
Am Ch
Jolain Flower Child 
of Woz
Eng/Fin Ch 
 Azenda  Flying Free
Riviana Golden Eagle
Swe/Nor Ch 
Sweet Conclusion 
of Dormtiki Azenda

Bernie had 1 littermate
Azenda Whizz Kid


Bernie was a great show dog and a real "Gentleman" and  lived to the tender age of 15 

"Although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.

So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart
If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart"

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