Asta's puppies
Born 1. December 2009 - now with their very own websites
Fallohide Sulu Alpha Zulu Fallohide Best for Last - Fallohide Last Waltz to Nganga's  

August 2010

14.January 2010

taking a nap... from left, Sulu, at the bottom, Walther and at right is Ronja 

4. January 2010
We had a photo session this afternoon 

 Photographer Christopher Nygaard - Click on one of the photos of the puppies & go to their website

After the photosession the puppies had a long nap with mum, Asta

31. December 2009
We had the last visitors for this Year 

Mathilde (6 years) & daughter of Tim, who was here the other day - Asta with 
Sulu having a snack and Walther trying to get out of the play pen

29. December
Stephan came for a visit

Stephan used to walk the dogs - and he is Mickey's hero  
Stephan is now all grown up, has a girlfriend and a good job - I am glad everything is working out for Stephan, who 
has a great love for dogs, especially mine :-))

Now we are tired after the last visitors - perhaps we will sleep into the New Year 

28. December
The puppies have names now and also websites
First born girl - Fallohide Sulu Alpha Zulu 
Second born girl - Fallohide Best for Last 
Third born and a boy - Fallohide Last Waltz to Nganga's - exp Sweden

23. December

Mickey, Christopher, Asta & puppies

21. December

More puppy visitors
Simon & Christopher with the puppies - at left little Prince Walter, in the middle Sulu and at right is Ronja

Hanne visiting Asta 

From left it is Sulu, then little Prince Walter and trying to get over to Hanne is Ronja

Evening snooze...

all relaxed and sleeping - they are so cute

Catherine & Christopher visiting the puppies 

Asta lying with Hanne, Christopher with his hand among the pups and Cage looking 

Mickey, new Granddad, Asta and Christopher with the puppies

Asta loves company - here with her good friend, Christopher, also our
dog-walker, who takes time to cuddle Asta and admire her puppies

2 girls and one boy (at the bottom of the photo) - born 1. December 2009 between 03.00 - 07.00

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