Asta 2007
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Asta being bored & thinking ...

 "I have read the latest dog-magazine & watched TV - Can I have my dinner, please" - October 2007
Asta keder sig og tænker: " Jeg har læst det sidste nye hundeblad og set TV - Må jeg godt snart få min aftensmad ?" - oktober 2007

My loving trusting basenjis in the hands of strangers ...

 Asta & Mickey with Jeanett & Gerd from Norway -  Nyborg September 2007

Asta & Christopher 

Asta & Christoper on the tramboline! June 2007
Everythime Christopher jumps the same does Asta - she is really having fun 

Time Out

Asta is taking a break with her little friend Bimbo during RingTraining classes 
Photo from 2007 

Asta in one of her strange positions  - May 2007
Asta i een af sine underlige liggepositioner - maj 2007

Barbie and Asta May 2007

5. March

Crown Princess Asta with auntie and daddy, King Mickey 

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