Fallohide Buff Barbie
Born 19. December 2006 - DK00272/2007
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3. July 2017

Always in my heart

19. December 2013
Asta celebrates her 7th birthday today
as does litterbrother Oscar and Nelly in the Sky

Asta, Lilly og Mickey - April 2012

July 2010

Asta lurecoursing - click on the photo 

June 2010

Click on the photo to see more of Asta 

June 2010

Asta & Mickey 

18. February 2010
New collars from the Czech Republic

Mickey and Asta trying on their new custom made collars from the Czech Republik- However I found the too wide, so have sold them and am looking for other collars for my 2 darlings

10. February

Walther with granddad, Mickey - supervised by mum, Asta

9. February 2010

Mickey and Asta in new sweaters - photo taken late evening

January 2010

Asta & Mickey in their new baskets

Asta had her eyes examined yesterday 17. August 2009 - results are Normal with one strand of PPM
Asta's fanconi results are back as of 24, June 2009 & it says that Asta is Inderterminate (indeterminate between normal and carrier)

Parents to Asta

Mickey at left & Barbie at right


PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
HD status B
Must be Carrier

Int/DtVDH/Klub/Oest/Hun/Croat/SLO Champion, 
FCI European Winner 2003 & 2005
 Dt.B-Sieg.2002 & 2003
Multi BIS und SER +RSM Ch
Bravo Out of Africa 

Brindle & White  
Possum Creek
Joker's Wild
1/4 African Brindle & White  
PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
Am Ch 
Veeva Out of Africa

1/8 African Brindle & White
Duna Del Girasole
LO99114516 Italy
16 Jan 1999
PPM, PRA  & Katarakt free
Must be Carrier
Ocsenji-Hegyi Artur
Pulcinella Tintarelladiluna
Toddo Rumblebluff

Brindle & White  
Slightly PPM
 PRA  & Katarakt free
HD status A
Clear of fanconi


Akuaba´s Original Sin
Brindle & White  
Must have been C
Am Ch 
Reveille Hoo Wants Roses
HM516728/01 USA
12 May 1994
Clear of fanconi by parents
 Am Ch, WW 2002
 Akuaba In Gingham
Brindle & White
HM738539/01 USA
8 Dec 1997
Catiba At Pia´s Hanacek
Black & white
Clear of fanconi by parents
Int/Cze/Pol/Club Ch
Newyl Brosch Zlatna Dolina
CLP/146/HR/10009 Croatia
25 Jun 1998
CzeJ/Cze/Club/Int/Pol Ch
Asja Hanacek
Black & White
CLP/BSN/165 CZ Republic
13 Dec 1999

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