Ambi Fallohide v. Tilburgs Roem
born 07.11.1980 - 1988 - NHSB1141630/DKK 17870/81
WA79 Kindu V. Tilburgs Roem x Fallohide Lady Flamboyante

Ambi as a pup & at right with co-owner Nini Trorup
As you can see Ambi had much white on her, and the male in her only litter had even more white - The white is - in 
my opinion -  due to inbreeding, as this was a halfsister- brother mating

During a periode of 3 years (1981 - 1984) Ambi was shown 16 times and won 2 x CAC 

Ambi's progeny

Lady Kulindi
Lady Kabinda
Sir Karmichael
DKK 36205/81 
DKK 36206/81 
DKK 36207/81
red/white female
red/white female
red/white male

Breeder: Pia Wright
Sire: Azenda Phuma of Fallohide
Dam: Ambi-Fallohide v.Tilburg´s Roem
DKK 17870/81)
Born: 12. November 1981

Owner of Kulindi: Marianne Lauersen
Owner of Kabinda: Vivi Hansen
Owner of Karmichael: Nini´s mother

Both girls were shown  - None in this litter were used for breeding

Ambi lived the rest of her live with DKCh Prik (a son of St. Erme Golden Kinglet)

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