American-, Danish- & Finnish Champion 
... and almost international champion, as Sparky only needed one CACIB to obtain this title, which we had hoped he would have won in Finland while he was there ...
To my knowledge, Sparky is the only red/white basenjimale to have won above 3 titles 

Akuaba Bemused
30 Dec 1986 - 1992 - AKC HD 41329/DKK 09113/90
Pedigree Progeny - Highlights for Sparky's progeny

 Photo Jon Coe
Sparky and Alyssa Coe

In connection with the World Dog Show held in Copenhagen 1989, Susan brought Sparky, a litter brother to Mickey, who was going back to the States for a few months

Sparky´s showresults in Denmark & Europe
4 x CAC

13. 08.1989 - DKK Int., Otterup 
03. 09.1989 -  National, Silkeborg
15. 10.1989 - National, Hillerød  &
Danish Champion
18. 02.1990 - Flanders Int., Gent, Belgium

13.08.1989 - DKK Int., Otterup
18. 02.1990 - Flanders Int., Gent, Belgium
29. 04. 1990 - DKK Int., Varde

Sparky in Finland
From the World Dog Show in Brno in 1990 Sparky went to Finland with Pia Friman, kennel Giltedge,  - here he became Finnish Champion & sired 4 litters with Briba´s African Rumba, Silentium Faida, Furahan Bibi Zuri and Fallohide Lady Funny Face

 Sparky´s influence on Finnish basenjis cannot be denied 

His progeny can be found in basenjis in America, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, England, Iceland, Italy,  Finland, the Czech Republic and many other countries


Sparkey had 4 littermates
Akuaba Bedeviled, Bejeweled (tri), Bewildered & Bedazzled

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