In March 1987 Susan Coe, kennel Akuaba, sent an 11 week old basenji puppy male to me

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His ears were very large and of a very dark color, so he had to be named Mickey Mouse - Even  though Mickey 
was an "ugly duckling" when he arrived to Denmark, he grew up to be a beautiful "swan" proven
by his many show titles and wins

Danish-, German-, Polish-, American- & International Champion 
Youth Amsterdam Winner 1987
Vice-World Winner 1989, Copenhagen, Denmark
VDH-European Winner &  Best in Group - Dortmund, Germany 1988
Bundes Sieger &
Best in Show 3 - Dortmund, Germany 1988 - 5.188 dogs entered
 Warsaw Winner, Poland 1988
 Kiel Winner & Best in Show 3 - Germany 1988
World Winner 1990, Brno-Sieger & Best in Group
Copenhagen Winner 1990 
Best Veteran in Breed - World Dog Show Brussels 1995
Akuaba Bedeviled

30. December 1986 - 20.October 1995 - AKC HD446902/DKK 10438/87
Sire of 17 litters & 63 puppies (10 litters in Denmark & 7 litters with foreign females)

Pedigree - Showtitles - Showresults - Progeny - Highlights for Mickey's progeny

Copyright © Photo by Jon Coe 1989 

Mickey´s showtitles

Best Spitz #5 
The Danish Kennel Club with 15 points

Best Spitz
The Danish Kennel Club with 30 points

Gold Dog of the Year
The Danish Spitz Club with 29 points

Gold Dog of the Year
The Danish Spitz Club with 29 points

Best Spitz #10
The Danish Kenne lClub with 15 points

Reserve Best brace of the Year
Akuaba Bedeviled & daughter Fallohide Minnie Mouse
The Danish Spitz Club with 11 points

Best brace #6 of the Year
Akuaba Bedeviled & son Fallohide Mighty Mouse
The Danish Spitz Club with 9 points

Best Stud Dog #6 All Breeds
 The Danish Kennel Club 

Best Stud Dog #3
The Danish Spitz Club witj 12 points

Reserve Best Senior of the Year
The Danish Spitz Club with 17 points


Elspet Ford writes about Mickey in her book "The Complete Basenji":

"A partnership with Susan Coe of Akuaba Kennels in America proved very successful, with the arrival on the Scandinavian and European scene of Am Ch Akuaba Bedeviled
Mickey Mouse became the sire of several European litters, as well as excelling in the show ring "

I just want to  make a small correction here: 
Mickey was not Am Champion when he came to Denmark, as he was only 11 weeks old. Mickey gained the title of American Champion in 1989. 
After attending The American Basenji National, Washington DC
in October 1989, he returned to Denmark for good

World Dog Show, Copenhagen 1989

Susan Coe, daughter Alyssia & Elspet Ford after dinner at our house and in connection with the  World Dog Show in
Copenhagen 1989, where Alyssia won 

with Mickey Mouse, who afterwards returned to America for a while with his breeder

Handler: Kari Wuornos
Mickey at the National 1989, USA - eyeing out the competition 
It was here at this show I saw the brindle basenjis that had been
 Imported from Africa

Am/Can Ch.Conamore Sun and Jasmine was BIS winner of the 1989 BCOA National Speciality


Boo was the love of Mickey´s life
follow above link to her website


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Mickey with his teddy bear - 1994

 At the World Dog Show in Brussels, Belgium 1995 Mickey was in the ring with Susan Coe and while Mickey was trotting around the ring,  spectators, basenji owners,
breeders and fanciers began to clap in acknowledgement of this wonderful basenji -
I shall never forget this moment ... 

Mickey at the World Dog Show in  Brussels -1995
At that time there was no title for a Veteran nor competition for BIS Veteran, which I am sure Mickey would have won


 Mickey's show results:

Mickey became Danish Champion 13.8.1989 & International Champion 18.6.1989

2 x Best In Show
03.12.1988 - SPK National, Middelfart
09.04.1989 - National Show, Roskilde

2 x Reserve Best in Show 
04. 06. 1988 -  SPK Jubilee-Show, Aalborg
15.01.1989 - National Show, Korsør

3 x Best in Show 3
28.02.1988 - SPK National Show, Kalundborg
11.6.1988 - Kiel International, Germany
22.10.1988 - Dortmund
International, Germany 

1 x Best in Show 4
02. 12.1989 - SPK National, Middelfart

11 x
Best in Group
28.2.1988 - SPK National Show
01.05.1988 - Dortmund International
, Germany
04. 06. 1988 -  National Show, Aalborg
11.06.1988 - Kiel International, Germany
23.10.1988 - Dortmund International, Germany 
5.11.1988 - DKK International, Frederica 

03.12. 1988 - National Show, Middelfart
15.01.1989 - National Show, Korsør
09.04.1989 - National Show, Roskilde
02.12.1989 - SPK Show, Middelfart
1990 - World Dog Show, Brno

3 x Reserve Best in Group
07.11.1987 - DKK International, Fredericia
05.11.1988 - DKK International, Fredericia
08.11.1989 -
DKK International, Fredericia

2 Best in Group 3
04.09.1988 - National Show, Silkeborg
29.04.1989 -
DKK International, Herning
18.08.1991 -
DKK International, Otterup

1 x  Best in Group 4
04.11.1989 - DKK International, Herning

4 x Reserve Best in Show PROGENY
08.11.1992 - DKK International
, Herning
26. 09. 1993 - DKK
, Copenhagen
22.01. 1994 - DKK
, Odense
19. 09. 1994 - DKK
, Copenhagen 
1 x Best Senior in Show
01.05.1994 - DKK International, Kolding
1 x
Reserve Best Senior in Show
20.03.1994 - National show, Hald Ege
1 x Best Senior in Show 3
12.02. 1995 - DKK International, Fredericia

1 x Best Senior in Show 4
06.11. 1994 - DKK International, Herning

1 x Best Brace in Show
04.11.1989 - DKK Int., Herning 
Mickey and daughter Fallohide Minnie Mouse

2 x Reserve Best Brace in Show
03.11.1991 - DKK International, Herning 
Mickey and son Fallohide Mighty Mouse
04. 06. 1988 -  SPK Jubilee-Show, Aalborg
Mickey and daughter Fallohide the Wright Lady

1 x Best Champion in Show
15.01.1989 - National Show, Korsør

7 x Best of Breed - no group placing
03.09.1989 - National Show, Silkeborg
15.10.1989 - National Show, Hillerød
03.11.1991 - DKK Int., Herning
29.04.1990 - DKK Int., Varde
22.09.1990 - DKK Int., Brøndby
22.01.1994 - DKK Int., Odense
01.05. 1994 - DKK Int., Kolding

4 x Senior in  Breed - no group placing
19.06.1994 - DKK Int., Hillerød 
13.08.1994 - DKK Int., Års
17.09.1994 - DKK Int., Copenhagen 
27.11.1994 - SPK Middelfart

1 x Club CAC
20.03. 1994 - National show, Hald Ege

I enjoy hearing and reading about Mickey's offspring and am proud for all the good he has done to the World of Basenjis - I am
also very thankful for the time I had with Mickey and to Susan for letting Mickey live with me

Mickey's parents

Arabrac's Run for the Roses
(left) & Akuaba's Spellbinder

Am Ch 
Run for the Roses
HD218336 USA
5 Dec 1984
Am Ch 
Lucky Mountaineer
HC250680 USA
17 Nov 1975
Am Ch 
Sirius Gold Rush at Vikentor
Am/Can Ch 
Changa´s Mamba Luckalot
Am Ch 
Fleeting Fancy 
of the Nile
HC376083 USA
29 Dec 1976
Am Ch 
Uhuru´s Coup De Ville
Am Ch 
Dancing Princess of the Nile
Am Ch
Akuaba's Spellbinder
Black Tan & White
HD127852 USA
22 Dec 1983
Am Ch 
Kukuk´s Mr Banjo
Black Tan & White
HC352700 USA
10 Dec 1976
Am Ch 
Kukuk´s Shazam
Am Ch 
Kukuk´s Delta Dawn
Am/Can Ch 
Akuaba´s Firefly
CKC 989998 USA
26 Dec 1976
Am Ch 
Luzambo´s Frostfire
Am Ch 
Khajah´s Gay Madeira


The last photo of Mickey 

 "I held you so gently and spoke your name softly 
I told you what a good dog you were,  as I stroked your warm soft coat 
my tears falling gently upon you until you took your last breath 

 My only comfort is that we both knew it was time to say good bye

 Rest in peace my dear, dear friend, there will be no other like you 
and you are in my heart forever" 

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Mickey had 4 littermates
Akuaba Bemused, Bejeweled (tri), Bewildered & Bedazzled