About ME
I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark - Bispebjerg to be exact
The first year of my life we lived in an appartment on Statholdervej - My father was a hairdresser with own business and my mother was at home with my halfsister and - brother -
then my parents decided to emigrate to America and as I was too little to have any say in this, so I went along

We sailed to America from Sweden with a steamship named Gripsholm - the year must have been 1947
Click on the photo to read more about this steamship

Our first home was in White Plaines - my parents however were divorced and we, my sister, brother, mother and myself
 moved to
Flushing Queens - we did often visit my dad, who had moved to Manhatten 

I attended school when I was 5 years old and my first school was
PS 165 in Flushing Queens,  both my sister, Gerda, and I 
attended this school. It was when we lived here we
got our first dog, a white mix, named Tina

My mother began to work for Scandinavien Airlines Systems and my father expanded with more and more beauty salons around the country and on luxury liners as well as a travel agency

- his main beauty salon  was in the St Moritz hotel on Manhatten, just across the street from Central Park , where I spent a lot of time during my childhood - I loved staying with my dad and I loved
 wondering around Central Park, skating in Winter and sailing in Summer - once in a while my sister and I were sent on holidays to Denmark to visit family 

Growing up in NY, my dad always spoke Danish to us kids, which was a good thing later in life 
I remember the statue of Balto and found 
this link about how and why Balto became so famous  
I also recall visiting several other landmarks in NYC - here is link to one of my favorites

At one time when my dad came to Denmark I waited for him at the airport, but got sidetracked by the fact that actor/singer Bob Hope was also onboard, so here is a photo

 that was published in a magazine - yes, me at right ...

Due to the fact that I was born as a "blue child", which meant I had a hole in my heart, I needed surgery, however this was not an option in America, so surgery was done in Denmark

Being in Denmark meant leaving my sister and brothers behind in America for almost a year and we unfortunately grew apart - At this time I got my second dog, a wirehaired foxterrier 

Later in life my sister married a dentist and had 3 children, my brother became a doctor,  married a Swedish girl an had 3 children and my little baby brother also became a dentist bu
 never married although he has a daughter  
My brothers dental clinics in USA SMILE MAKERS, Port Jefferson, NY & SMILE MAKERS, Shirley, NY
Scroll down to check out the latest photo of my littlebrother 

After highschool I worked in Germany near Frankfurt as an au-pair girl ...

... here I met Charles Henry Taylor, who was the first love of my life

We first lived in a rented appartment in the nearby village of Lautzenhausen, in Germany,
Chuck and Tina in Germany, 1964 - Tina and me, 1966 - at right, Tina 2013

Chuck was stationed at Hahn Air Base, Germany

Entrance to the Air Base -
click on the photo and read more

When Chuck was discharged from the air force, we went to live with his parents in Coalport, Penn, USA

Above is an old photo of the local store in the Highstreet where everyone met ...
I have not been able to find a photo of the house we lived in

Chuck was eager to go to Vietnam as the soldier he was, however he never went, and just as well !   
(My first love died in 2006 suffering a heart attack)

Here are some photos of Chuck, my mother and daughter from USA, taken many years ago - look here


 I went to New York and stayed with my father and got a job at the Worldīs Fair (1965) built on Flushing Meadows, where I 
used to play cowboys and indians as a little girl - 
It was hard being a single mother in America in the 60īs, so I returned to Denmark with Tina 

When I was young I so wanted to work at Disney Studios in California, however this was never to be - oh well, dreams are ok to have 

Instead I went to Artcollage and became a graphic designer and moved to London, England (1970) to work.  Our first home was at Ash Lane,
Dedworth just outside Windsor, England.
Here Tina attended school and a few years later we moved to
Mountain Pleasant Close, Lightwater, Surrey, with my second husband, Ian
Wright, who was a great person and really loves my daughter as his own

In 1972 when living in England I bought our first basenji and later a pharoah hound 

I worked very hard as a graphic designer and at different advertising agencies, so to unwind and avoid stress (as if!) Tina and I attended dogshows at weekends around the country.
We had some great times and made a lot of friends - but never got an English Champion to call my own - We also attended catshows, as I had siamese cats - with same results as the dogs

After a very frightening experience at Earls Court in London (IRA bomb) I decided to move to Denmark with Tina, 4 of
my dogs and 2 siamese cats.

Back in Denmark and hopefully for good, I began yet a new part of my life with Tina. I found a job as a graphic designer and
continued with this line of work almost the rest of my working life - and in my spare time I continued to show my basenjis and
pharaoh hounds all over Europe and with great success, if I may say so myself 
The catworld was a bit different so I decided to stick to the dogs only

I felt we were safe being in Denmark in the late 70's

Tina did well at school and had her heart set on becoming a chef and she
eventually graduated as such - it was a very proud moment in my life to see her so happy as she deserved all the
luck in the World, being the wonderful daughter she is

Both my father and mother have passed away as well as the second love of my life - something I will never get over and find it hard to talk about, let alone write - however it is part of my life 

My littlebrother, Carl Peter & our Dad - April 1984 
10 years later we had to say Good-bye to our Dad and I miss him every day 

My mother suffered a stroke during an operation - here she is celebrating her 81. birthday in the nearby nursinghome, 
where I visited her every day til she passed away Christmas 2003 - at left Oliver and Cattie searching for birthday cookies ?

I am still in Denmark & here I shall stay having entered the new world of the Internet, I design websites,
collages and other graphics, however I have stopped travelling to dogshows  due to health reasons
 and bred my last basenji litter born December 1, 2009 

August 2010 - I have been to the WDS in Herning, Denmark and it was great to see 98 basenjis and 56 pharaoh
hounds judged the same day as well as meeting friends from near and far - many of the Winners being
progeny of my breeding, which made me very proud

2. December 2010 -  now I am officially an Old Age Pensioner !  Where have all the years gone ... who
would have guessed I would reach this age - mind you the aches and pains I coud do without ...

Latest photo of littlebrother, Carl Peter

8. April 2011

Happy birthday, littlebrother 
(you will notice his nice teeth - well guess what, Carl Peter is a dentist - click on his photo )

 Mother's Day - 8. May 2011
this is for my mother, who died 7 years ago
If daisies grow in heaven Lord, then pick a bunch for me - place them in my mother's arms and tell her they're from me. 
Tell her that I love and miss her, and when she turns to smile,  place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while


Due to the fact that I have a slipped disk and arthrites, I am not able to do as much as I would like, however
this is my newest aquisition and I love to once again feel the wind through my hair and rain in my face as when I biked with the dogs

- and luckily the dogs love to be able to get more exercise each and every day when we are out on our "walks"!

Time has gone by and it is now 2018 - both Mickey and his daughter Asta I had to say goodbye to last year, so now Lilly is
on her own and coping well - illness struck but I am doing better and then the best thing happened: My little brother came to Denmark for a visit
photos to follow


I dream of deep long sleep
I dream of pain free days
I dream of understanding
I dream of compassion
I dream of the person I was
I dream of waking up to my old life
to find that all of this has been a bad dream and I am me again


I will never regret the things I did wrong. I will only regret the good things I did for the wrong people !


When my life has reached it's very end, and I take that final breath,
 I want to know I've left behind, some "good" before my death

That maybe I have brought a smile to someone else's face
 and made one moment a little sweeter, while they dwelled here in this place

Lord, please be my reminder and whisper softly in my ear... 
To be a "giver"  not a "taker" in the years I have left here

For if not a heart be touched by me, and not a smile was left behind... 
Then the life that I am blessed with, will have been a waste of time

With all my heart, I truly hope, to leave something here on Earth
that touched another, made them smile and gave to my life worth

Author Unknown

Evulation of New York City skyline